A National Bastille event may be born out of the betrayal in Washington on the 6th... Should Congress refuse to officially acknowledge the massive election fraud that took place in November, and will not decertify the Electors awarded as the product of this stolen election, the people must act to remove them from their offices or prepare to become the subjects of a Marxist State.  The President must acknowledge that the left has engaged the American People with ACTS OF INNSURECTION AND A COUP by openly rigging the election and arrogantly challenging the people to accept the results as legitimate or suffer their indignation and fiery retribution.  A free people must not submit to such a demand or to the acts of so great a fraud.

It is now or never... if the Public walk away from this event without securing Pres. Trump's second term, it is over... All future elections will become the domain and franchise of the Marxist cabal running our nation's government.  Our elections will be no different than those in the Old Soviet Union... they will be a product of the State.  The people are now charged with the Constitutional duty to resist the despots positing themselves as our government. We must openly repudiate the authority of the new Congress to rule as a legitimate Constitutional body, we must remain a free people who HAVE NOT CONSENTED TO BE GOVERNED BY THEM.  It is not only the President who has suffered the ire and illegal effects of this stolen election... The Public is presently suffering from the uncertainty of their Constitutional Republic to provide the liberty and security they have become accustomed to.

Finally, “Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends [life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness] it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government...” quote Thomas Jefferson.  The time is at hand when a free people must measure the cost of liberty against the weight of abuse from a corrupt political cabal, whose focus is on the accumulation of personal power and wealth at the expense of the whole.  A free people must not surrender their voice to a fraudulent government, they must resist such calamity or awake to a new set of chains and a future of servitude.

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    • Ya, (sarc) Thought so. Kinda like an old dog with a loud bark and no teeth.


    • nemesis, you are mighty long on mouth, what are you going to do, sit back and mock old soldiers who have done their part for years?  It is easy ti sit in anonimity and throw barbs at patriots.  Get out there and lead the charge yourself or just sit back and spout Bovine Scatology!!!!!!

    • Who the hell are you to judge me? I have done my part and it cost me 100% of my physical abilities. I protected this nation and what have I gotten for it? NOTHING! I cannot even get a freaking Job because of my injuries. I was once a man with spirit and hopes for this nation serving and obeying orders. And now all I want to see is its demise due to the lying cheating hypocrites I and my family have been protecting since the creation of this nation. This country does not deserve to have the freedom it was given by our creator. Our leader’s lie and cheat, they steel from their own country and commit all kinds of dubious crap it turns my stomach. The people claim to love God, but murder children in there wombs and then call themselfs christians. There the worst of them all. So, Ya. I am going to sit back and mock anyone I freaking want, because I have earned it, and paid for it in blood. F.O.


    • Ron and I have both served so who are you to ridicule him?  You are "judging" him but it is okay for you to do it?????

    • 1885 to 1945 is a 60 year span, unless you mathematically illiterate!!!!!!!!!!


    • I don't know if you are a fool, a moron, most likely a combination.  There isn't any way I could have been there on Jan. 6 and wouldn't have gone in the building if /i was there.  It was a setup by antifa and devildemocommiecrats.  I can barely walk and my left arm is totally paralyzed, and I don't have the financial resources to travel half way across the country either.  If you hate this country so much just leave and find one that suits you, like china, north korea, or iran!!!!!!!!!


    • Gen Patton was 60 when he died... he was 56 when WW-2 started...  The Military permits officers to serve until 65... get your facts straight before bloviating.

      Next, not all older or disabled men need to SHUT UP... many earned the right to criticize the government under the weight of war... 8,000 died in the Afghanistan and Iraqi wars while 36K died in Korea, and 54K in Viet Nam.  Combat Vetrans have secured their right to 'bloviate' while serving on the blood-soaked fields of our nation's wars. Unlike many who do sit back in their living rooms and spout their brand of bovine scatology, those who served in combat do so with blood-bought authority. 

      I will continue to voice my opinions regarding the status of our Republic... criticizing the government and encourage others to take notice of its problems ... I believe I and many like me have earned that right.

    • One doesn't win wars or save nations by dying for their country.... it by making our enemies die for their country that wins wars... Stop using new math.  One plus One always equals 2 no matter what others may say.

    • there was a 14 years old envolved to I did not know this.


    • nemesis, you are just what the devildemocommiecrats want, people who are happy to let them destroy the nation.  If I could have been there I would have but don't have the money nor physical ability to be on the front lines any more.

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