A National Bastille event may be born out of the betrayal in Washington on the 6th... Should Congress refuse to officially acknowledge the massive election fraud that took place in November, and will not decertify the Electors awarded as the product of this stolen election, the people must act to remove them from their offices or prepare to become the subjects of a Marxist State.  The President must acknowledge that the left has engaged the American People with ACTS OF INNSURECTION AND A COUP by openly rigging the election and arrogantly challenging the people to accept the results as legitimate or suffer their indignation and fiery retribution.  A free people must not submit to such a demand or to the acts of so great a fraud.

It is now or never... if the Public walk away from this event without securing Pres. Trump's second term, it is over... All future elections will become the domain and franchise of the Marxist cabal running our nation's government.  Our elections will be no different than those in the Old Soviet Union... they will be a product of the State.  The people are now charged with the Constitutional duty to resist the despots positing themselves as our government. We must openly repudiate the authority of the new Congress to rule as a legitimate Constitutional body, we must remain a free people who HAVE NOT CONSENTED TO BE GOVERNED BY THEM.  It is not only the President who has suffered the ire and illegal effects of this stolen election... The Public is presently suffering from the uncertainty of their Constitutional Republic to provide the liberty and security they have become accustomed to.

Finally, “Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends [life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness] it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government...” quote Thomas Jefferson.  The time is at hand when a free people must measure the cost of liberty against the weight of abuse from a corrupt political cabal, whose focus is on the accumulation of personal power and wealth at the expense of the whole.  A free people must not surrender their voice to a fraudulent government, they must resist such calamity or awake to a new set of chains and a future of servitude.

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  • The time is at hand.  WE have to stand up for ourselves and quit depending on others to take care of everything.  WE were cheated by this election and the truth must be brought to justice.  All concerned groups need to be collectively working toward this end.  WE have been locked out of our Churches, Schools and favorite gathering places for sports, conversation and just fun.  We are "encouraged" to wear masks or there is no entry.  The first thing to do is take off the masks unless you are medically compromised or see them as a fashion statement.  Masks are another lie to force a behavior on the population-HItler's gas chambers as a reminder.  Links for additional mask information-Barrington Declaration and Hillsdale College Imprimis.

    The time is at hand when we rally with all conservative groups to form a greater coalition.  The people are there and the numbers are great.  Review these links- Moms For America  and connect with #StoptheSteal Please provide us with other group information.

    Together we can find legal and successful relief from this abuse of power, treason, and insurrection resulting in a fraudulant national election.  Trump forced their exposure.  It is up to us to finish cleaning this swamp and preserve our Great Nation.

    Great Barrington Declaration and Petition
    As infectious disease epidemiologists and public health scientists we have grave concerns about the damaging physical and mental health impacts of th…
  • It's entirely possible that our ONLY HOPE can be found in DEMOCRAT Joe Manchin... who just might refuse to vote down eliminating the filibuster AND creating DC statehood.

    • Andy, our ONLY HOPE is in Almighty God.

    • I believe Almighty God is coming back period.

  • Colonel, I thought a quote from Thomas Paine as a reminder of our history might be appropriate at this time.

    "These are the times that try men’s souls; the summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph."

    Has anyone else noticed the large number of "Summer Soldiers" that refer to themselves Republicans?


    • I have noticed.  the gop sold us out when they put gerald ford in office.  he was the first of the deep state but I was oblivious and voted for him because I thought he was a man of honesty and integrity but he was just another hack looking out for himself and sold us out !!!!!


  • Yep, looks like the Marxist instigators and agents provocatuer have successfully blamed this violence and mayhem on peaceful Trump supporting patriots. These leftist tactics have been around since the Bolshevik revolution, and apparently have not lost their effectiveness. Watch how the mainstream media will lambast the "violent Trump supporters" ad infinitum, while the nation is effectively distracted from the real issue of corrupt election fraud, unconstitutional changing of election law and media manipulation of the truth by these same dark forces.

  • I WILL NOT EVER accept biden as president from this Soviet style sham they call an election.  I daily pray for Divine intervention to right the wrong that has been done to We the People!!!!!

  • The reported breach of the Capitol was staged by the Marxist insurgency (Democrats)... The protest in DC was peaceful... Did you see any cars on fire, any buildings smoking, and police vehicles overturned... any destruction in the Congress... No, you didn't because there were no masked agents of violence, running around with Molotov cocktails setting fires, carrying bats, assaulting police and peaceful protestors, no one in the Trump crowd was wearing helmets, ar carrying bats... assaulting individuals, destroying property, looting, or otherwise rioting... NONE.  Lawful Order was not breached by Trump protestors the Capitol police and Congressional security were the ones with firearms drawn... and the only injury from a firearm was a woman peacefully protesting, who was shot by the police.

    There is a video of those breaking out windows in the Capitol Building and they appear to be Antifa, not the peaceful Trump demonstrators... It is a common tactic for communist to mask their violence as part of others assembled to transfer blame and justify the shooting of peaceful protestors... It is appalling that the MSM is reporting the event as they have... anyone watching the live CSPAN coverage can see what happened and it is not a riot.. it was a carefully staged event to make the Trump demonstrators look bad... and to move the hearings out of the public's sight and media coverage... so they can lie about the facts and evidence of the fraud. There is only one way left to properly restore our electoral process and the President must act.

    Again, there was no breach by the peaceful demonstration... it was Antifa and or other radicals doing the harm... the Crowds obeyed the police and disbursed when asked.... it is garbage to report otherwise and indicative of the fact that we may have to resort to actual CIVIL WAR as the left has no intension of bipartisan anything.  Sen. Romney and McConnel need to resign and their constituents need to assemble peacefully to demand their resignation... 

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