• 2012- deep in the heart of OBAMA ADMIN, where Black Panthers were allowed to terrorize white voters entering a polling place in Philadelphia... AT WILL.  Who would have bothered looking at wonky voting machines, Eric Holder???

  • The Republicans had better understand that they will never be in power again. If they win they had better know that many Republicans will decide that it is of no use for them to vote. Why bother.

    • What do you maen by again?.........If the left steals it we'll no longer have our frredom OR OUR country. They have lists you know!!!


  • Knowing and doing something about it are two different things... in fact, knowing that election fraud was occurring and doing nothing to expose and stop it is worse than not knowing or perpetuating the crime... Once one capitulates to lawlessness the race to the bottom is on... an almost irrecoverable collision with massive failure.

  • Trump is the right man for these times...but no, it wasn't prophetic -- his was one of many sane voices raising the vote theft he is our leader -- and he & we are in grave danger.

    The Left is after our liberties: he's just in their way and they'll do anything to get to us..

    When we stand strong with & for Trump we stand for oursekves & our liberties, too 

  • Which is why we need to abolish electronic voting

    • I agree!  Anything electronic can be compromised!  For all federal elections, the voting should be in person with proper identification.  

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