With the recent bombshell in the Michael Flynn case completely scrambling many of the previous narratives, there are still a lot more questions than answers. What was the overall goal in targeting him in the first place remains one of the biggest.

Techno Frog, a Twitter user who’s done excellent work researching and chronicling everything involving the Russia investigation, has a theory and I think he just might be right.




This makes a lot of sense. While Flynn was definitely taken as a scalp for Mueller, he was originally gone after before any of that started. With Flynn coming in as NSA, he would have been privy to all their misbehavior, along with the all the evidence to prove it happened. The Carter Page warrant? He’d have seen the renewal applications and been made apprised to what the FBI was doing.

James Comey and his gang couldn’t let that happen. That’s where the “get him fired” part of the recent release comes in. It’s incredibly damning because it demonstrates they weren’t just thinking he had committed a crime. They were specifically trying to take him down to stop him from gaining access to evidence of their misdeeds. It appears to have been a cover-up from the beginning, with Flynn taking the fall early on in the Trump administration so the FBI leadership wouldn’t be exposed.

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