• Biden took oath of office @1150 amwhile Trump was still POTUS till Noon plus he failed to repeat oath correctly. Biden is not President, its illegitimate. Watch this video, it starts after 45 seconds. 1 20 21 B Patriot Streetfighter POST ELECTION UPDATE 2330

  • Looks like I will be fighting little American flags that follow Joke Biden.

    Maybe that is all he could come up with.

    So, if D.C. whistles up another get together in the country for purpose, just how many governors will send Guardsmen?

    Or maybe the standing military that would not involve itself in internal politics, as the Pentagon told Trump, will pick up the slack?

    How many SJW officers were placed by Senate Democrats, and were passed by the thoughtless GOP? (think General McCrystal)

    How many known-to-be patriot officers were blacklined by Democrats, with the dumber GOP not connecting the dots?

    It seems the Pentagon indicated it would not support the Insurrection act, when proposed by Trump. (something about being arrested if he tried)

    Buying the pandemic medical farce and completely ignoring free speech abuse by Internet social platforms was unnessesary and second-term fatal.

    Isn't 20/20 hindsight grand?

    • It wasn't hindsight, we knew that it was a farce all along.

      The problem was that they sold President Trump a bill of goods and he bought it.

      It was a real crises that he took seriously, but, didn't understand that the Democrats didn't care about the outcome, because the purpose was to exaggerate the crises, no matter what, in order to gain the advantages they needed to do what they did.

      When President Trump allowed Dr. Anthony Fauci to run the show, he had no idea that he needed to create an entity to balance him out.

      Remember in the beginning when President Trump laid out the overall planning in the beginning? He said that as we learned more about the virus we would adapt and improve responses and methods for fighting it?

      The problem was that he left that to Fauci, who not only didn’t improve any thing, we went backwards. Remember, masks weren’t that effective, but now they’re pretty much mandatory?

      People that were murdered, were listed as dying of Covid-19.


      We needed another entity going over the data developed by Fauci, to clean it up and make it more accurate. We also needed chemists, engineers and manufacturers that would take the information learned about the Virus and develop the devises and procedures that would actually work to slow down the rate of spread.


      President Trump informed the nation when it was learned that disinfectants killed the virus almost instantly. Some bathrooms have those perfume sprayers that squirt out a perfume on a regular basis.

      Why couldn’t that be filled with disinfectant instead of perfume?


      Hot air heating systems were responsible for taking return air from a contaminated room and dispersing it throughout the building through the heating and air conditioning ducts. Yet President Trump informed us of the research that showed us that UV light killed the virus within 30 seconds. Why then wasn’t devices made that would have put UV light in the return air that would have killed the virus as it was drawn in through the return air ducts.


      With older people and their frail eyes and skin, it would not be a good idea to constantly bath them in UV light. But, in nursing homes and assisted living homes the rooms are connected by a common hallway. Certainly UV lights could have been set up along those hallways, so that any germ in one room couldn’t get to the other without being killed in the hallway. Drs and nurse4s traveling between rooms would also be bathed in UV light, decontaminating them as they moved about between rooms. They were already covered from head to toe with PPE, so their exposure to any UV light would have been limited.


      Then a simple thing like air purifiers would have done wonders to reduce the density of the contaminants in the air, making it much harder for them to spread in significant quantities to infect more people.


      But president Trump was not an idolog, so he didn’t realize that there were people in this country that were willing to see hundreds of thousands of people die, just to gain a political advantage.


  •  If one doesn't conform to their ideology you are a now a dissenter.

    • changed dissenter to terrorists. What a nerve from these marxist tyrants!!!!



  • January 20, 2021, is a black day in the history of the United States of America and the world.  I believe this day is the first day of the end of the Constitutional Republic, the United States of America.  A large, international group of terrible people have as their goal the destruction of freedom.  We the people are about to learn first hand what citizens who have lived under the rule of oppressive governments have known for a long time.  Joe Biden will gladly do the bidding of his handlers, and waste no time in systematically destroying the Constitution of the United States.  I sincerely hope we the peolpe will not allow our liberties to be destroyed for the sake of the new world order.   




    • Satan starts his seven year reighn of terror. Oh joy!!!!


    • I believe you are right. 

      We are now back where we were in 1776. 

      The question is, What do we do now. 

      In a lot of ways, we are worse off than our forefathers.  Then their enemies had to cross an ocean to invade a large untamed land.  Now the enemies of America are already here an installed in high places.

      We have met the enemie and they are amoung us.


  • We did not usher in a dictatorship. 

    They ushered it in themselves, over and above our objections. 

    Clouward and Piven's stratagy worked and they won through coruption and a riged election.

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