1/ Let’s take a look at the coordinated media blitz to explain away and normalize the rapid rise of heart attacks and blood clots. (If someone good at graphics would be willing to make a collage of these and post it in the comments, I would be thankful)Image
Somehow when I posted this, posts 14-25 in this thread broke off into a separate post. Search my profile to see 14-25. 

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  • Making up sh*t as they go, or blow or whatever.

    "The Gaslight News," every day all day bullsht.

  • Isn't there a coordinated media conspiracy to gas light the public about just about everything, all of reality in order to further th eestablishment's control and marketing plans?

  • The only Truth to all their propaganda is the number 300,000. That is their initial goal for how many people they plan to kill, but they actually want much much more than that.

    • Is this an actual member?

    • ADMIN

      No, it is a cardiologist who posted this on Twitter.

    • I looked him up, looks like he lectures, does all sorts of things other than treating patients.  You know what they say, "those who, those who can't.....teach".
      I do agree with him that a healthy diet makes a difference in immunity. Most people don't realize your digestive system is part of your immune  system. I'm not sure his 21 day diet is the answer, probably long term healthy eating is more affective. Obviously the healthier you are the less likely you catch anything.....and that's at any age. 

  • Morticians are noticing up to half of their “clients” have an unusual amount of blood clots of a type rarely seen. The dead have unusually high multiple blood clots throughout their bodies. Some things just don’t stay a secret but get noticed.

    • ADMIN

      I saw that video...and, I didn't bookmark it!

  • Anything but the vaccine!

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