• The World Health Organization declared the Covid Virus a Pandemic when the Mortality Rate reached .002. With the Progressive Socialist Media/Politicians declaring "America's Covid Deaths now equal to that of the 1918 Spanish Flu!", still comes down to a Mortality Rate of .002. So perhaps it is time to say " To Hell with it!", and just go back to our lives as Normal, because the Covid ain't gonna kill us, and this other Government Scrap isn't working either!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Focus Skeptical. Focus. One issue at a time. Otherwise we may end up attempting to reassemble the ashes from the "Cremation."

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Its kinda nice to air out the laundry list now and again.

      Folks avoiding doing so is how we wound up here.

  • Skeptical, then break the tension. When you go buy your needs, do so without a Mask. Fill your cart. Do not respond or acknowledge. Continue to the Checkout and pay. Never say a word. You are Deaf and Dumb and since "They" already believe you "Stupid" be stupid! The worst that will happen is the Police will be called to escort you from the Store. Still you say nothing. Continue this routine until "Your Needs" are met. Create your Own Winnable Rules!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • We are now at the point where this form of non-violent resistance to centralized abuse works.

      The enablers see the farce themselves, and don't want to sacrifice for the agenda.

      I dislike challenging personal property rights as a rule though,

      valuing it myself. But we are dealing with a Jim-Covid policy.

      Soon it may be a Jim-Ecology policy, as Jim-Covid wanes.

  • Human Nature. At a certain point the temptation will become so great the safeguards against the crime will be considered.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • We all seem to forget that it was not only the "Left" that was caught Off Guard with Trump's Election, but the "Right" as well! It was the Citizens completely fed up with the unending, monotonous bickering between Two Political Parties serving opposing Masters that led to Trust in a Man that Both Parties were against! We need more Individuals as Individuals and not Extensions of Wings!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • So long as a presumption that government aversion to economic collapse is not an absolute given. New World Order ambitions for a Great Reset welcomes and requires First World economic collapse to replace it with technocratic feudalism.

  • Rather than the focus directing itself on the qualifications of President Trump for re-election in 2024, how about some concerted efforts on "Replacing the Progressive Socialist Democrats" currently seated in the Congresses of Our Federal Capital and States! I swear this is at times like "Herding Cats!"

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • To any and all! I juast saw something that, if it bears out, absolutely incriminates Fauci in the Health crimes against Humanity scheme.

     The Pentagon and DARPA apparently have whistleblown Fauci apporoaching thm during Obamas last term, to develop and release a Chimera virus on the population of China, which they refused to do.

    It is Alex Jones, so grit your teeth and watch if interested:

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