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  • Social Credit Score.................................F. Them!

  • Nazi or Communist or both. The little tin dictator Biden thinks he a god instead of a representative of the people.

  • There was a reason Menelik removed the Ark from Solomon, Jea9.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Given.

  • A thought process to ponder. While in Sixty Years our own population hasn't quite doubled, the World's population increased four times in size. Logic sees an increase in consumption of resources. Now flash back to approximately 1360 A.D. when somehow a horse virus crossed over into humans where it remained without negative effects for 600 years. As viruses do, this one continued to "Mutate", until the Mid Sixties it became Hepatitis C and remained in a dormant stage prior to becoming active and attacking its Human Hist. One more we switch to the Present and begin with the Covid 19 Virus. For sake of consideration assume it was " Manmade", and became a World Pandemic with a Mortality Rate between .01-.02% of the population. Vaccines became mandatory. However as a result the Covid 19 mutated becoming a new variant capable of two variables. Another mandatory vaccination. Another mutation with two variables requiring a third vaccination. Now a "Third Mutation with Ten Variables!" Comparatively, we have the Hepatitis C Virus unassisted taking 600 years of mutations to have health effects on Human Hosts. Now we have Covid Virus assisted mutating within a 2 year (+,-) period to have Increasingly mortal effects on the human host. Conceivably, this could be the Elites way of preserving the World's supply of resources. Just food for thought.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Of course Bernard Kirk is correct, but it also occurs to me this is part of the plan for what has come to be called "The Great Reset."  Once the Covid restrictions are finally relaxed, when the artificially created supply train shortages are restored to normal levels and inflation is stabilized having removed the last vestigages of middle class prosperity, whatever new, digital centered economy emerges and is once again allowed to function, the general population will be so grateful for the relaxed sembleance of whatever restored normalcy we are presented with that hardly anyone at all will notice, much less complain about any of the lost liberities and opportunities and options, or the degraded quality of life.  And that will then, become the "New normal."   We are being conditioned to the new Global economy and when I see all the compliant people wearing non sensical face masks I think of lab rats and carry myself with pride knowing I am at least a gutter rat who will bite.

  • YES!
    I do believe they are trying to brake the middle class, close and ruin all small businesses.....then nationalize all the large ones. that way those in government take the money, back then that money all went into Swiss bank accounts.
    They ended the kingdom, took everything from the aristocracy.......and split it among themselves, while everyone lived on the very basics, like 7-8 people living in one room and a kitchen, only one room can be heated at one time or you'd run out of coal and could not get anymore for six months. People in the city had only cold running water. Large homes were shared by as many families as it had rooms, they all shared a kitchen and bathroom.

    I remember after the revolution the four of us were moved into a room in a barrack where we shared the military type showers and toilets with about 60 men who only got to go home to their families every second weekend on Sunday. Everyone worked on Saturdays!
    I grew up with everything government owned, to me that was the norm! My parents did own a business before the communists came, so I knew there was a time when a person could own a business, and people lived well, but living well was just an imagination in my head, I never saw it until I came to the States.

    Anyone who assumes it could never get this bad in America, you better tighten your belts, if we cannot stop them, this IS coming to America!


    I'm sure the Communist Party has no interest in using covit to take over America!!! (NOT)

    Communist Party of the American Revolution - Home | Facebook

    • Communist congress is taking over.


  • That's exactly what it is. I have not once complied. Not Sheltered in place, not once wore a mask. Not stopped shaking hands or giving hugs and not once been slightly ill. I told people you would never heard of COVID if it hadn't been an election year. They used it to steral the election and now to push their communst agenda.

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