Is the Entire DOJ Corrupt?

The Clintons & Obama politicized the DOJ/FBI to ensure their crimes would  not be found out. Thank God it didn't work! | Politics, Words, Conservative  politics

Let’s go over what the FBI and DOJ have done. They spied on journalists that were critical of Obama and have never apologized for that. That’s unamerican, undermines the idea of free speech and the 1st Amendment, and is completely unacceptable. We as a free people should never have to deal with questions such as “is the entire DOJ corrupt?”

Also, it shows that there was no strong or just leadership at the DOJ and FBI under the Obama Administration and somehow still isn’t today. A strong, non-partisan head would have ensured that such abuses could not take place. Sadly, that was not the case and political meddling took precedence to justice.

Our law enforcement should not be behaving like the NKVD. Journalists have a right to be critical of politicians and spying on them is completely unacceptable. It’s reminiscent of authoritarian regimes whose tactics should have been consigned to the dustbin of history. Instead, they were being used by our highest government officials.

That evidence would be enough on its own to make one think that the answer to “is the entire DOJ corrupt?” is certainly “yes.” But, it turns out, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. So, what else happened?

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  • Should have fired every DOJ atterney when Trump was firsy elected like other previous presidents

  • Yes. But no more or less than the WHOLE OF D.C.!

  • If you want to know the enemy read "Illiberal Reformers: Race, Eugenics and American Economics in the Progressive Era" 2016 by hardcore Progressive Professors Thomas Leonard..

    Some Highlights from the book so that you may know the evil the Progressive Globalist Insurgency represents....


              Progressive Leaders outright call/called for policies and/or made statements antithetical to Natural Law and the Constitution. Progressive elites boldly denounced Natural Law’s “unalienable Rights of the Individuals with assertions that “the concept of rights of the individual is “nonsense”(Progressive Globalist Democrat President Woodrow Wilson, page 25, Exhibit 25) Progressive Harvard Law School Dean Roscoe Pound asserted the American Bill of Rights, “were not needed in their own day [and] are not desired now”(page 25, Exhibit 25)

    And the Progressive Elites opined about the Constitutions Checks and Balances, which the Founders had implemented to slow the creation of a run-away government. “The US Government”, Wilson said, “was weak and slow because its power was divided and inefficient” (Page 66, Exhibit 25) Progressives assert the nature of Progressive Elites is to be altruistic and trustworthy and therefore no checks, balances, accountability and transparency are necessary. (Clearly our own present government demonstrates this is not true.) It is particularly disconcerting the I am unable to find anywhere that President/Lawyer Woodrow Wilson nor Lawyer President of Harvard Law School Pound were brought up on charges, disciplined nor disbarred for not just speaking about but also implementing their Seditious and Treasonous philosophies. All Lawyers and the President take an oath of support and defend the Constitution.  Yet, it appears neither President/Lawyer Wilson nor Lawyer Pound were ever held accountable, at a minimum, to their oaths of office to support and defend the Constitution. I assert the only conclusion that can be reached is that the entire US Judiciary is complicit in the Seditious and Treasonous Progressive Globalist Insurgency. And since Congress also failed to impeach Progressive President Wilson while he went about implementing the Progressive Agenda, it is reasonable to presume Congress is complicit with the Progressive Globalist Insurgency.

    As we said, Progressives also assert humanity is a single “Social Organism” (Pages 101, 102) rather than comprised of autonomous individuals having Unalienable Natural Rights. While I am want to invoke the TV Series “Star Trek’s”, Borg, I think a better analogy is a colony of Honeybees. Progressive Elites see the masses as expendable worker bees, with no rights, who exist only to serve the Progressive Hive Community as ordered by the allegedly genetically and intellectually superior, and allegedly altruistic and trustworthy Progressive Elite King and Queen bees. More recently, circa 2010, we heard Progressive President Obama, and his right-hand man on Obamacare, Progressive Professor Jonathan Gruber, assert the Progressive Right to lie to the allegedly ignorant masses. This assertion is perhaps best evinced by the “You can keep your insurance”, “You can keep your doctor” and, “Your Insurance will be cheaper” lies as part of the effort to pass Obamacare. Still more recently, the Progressive Elites asserted unaccountability and asserted the right to Establish Truth through “Conditioning” (Rewards and Punishments) was demonstrated. Business owners who opened or reopened their business because they no longer believe what Progressive Educated Elite Technocrats were saying were arrested violating a wide variety of their Natural and Constitutional Rights. And, going back to Social Darwinism’s Eugenics and Humanity as a “Social Organism”, try this mind blower on for size, “Obamacare is really the Progressive Eugenics Program 1.0.

    ....Meanwhile, lets resume by going back to the early 1900s. The American Progressives decided to adopt the Fabian-Socialist method of revolution by infiltration. Where the first American Revolution was marked by the shot heard around the world, this Progressive revolution was specifically designed to not alert the masses that a revolution had begun. The Progressive Globalist Insurgency would engage in a slow, covert, incremental revolution over generations so no one generation would notice enough change to be moved to resist, pick up arms or mount a counter-revolution.

              Under Progressive President Woodrow Wilson, the Progressives designated the Administrative State, aka the “Fourth Branch” of Government to spearhead and lead their unconventional, slow, covert, incremental revolution by infiltrations. (Chapter 3) City and County Administrators, Administrative Judges, the FBI, CIA, IRS are all part of the Progressive Administrative State. And numerous government bureaucrats serve as “political operatives” and or “Political Officers” to promote and enforce the Progressive Agenda and also to identify and punish the enemies of the Progressive Globalist Insurgency. To get a feel for how these “Political Officers” function, I might suggest watching the 1990 Movie, “The Hunt for Red October” and/or the 2001 Movie “Enemy at the Gates” and observe the duties of, and the attitudes of others towards, the political officers aboard the Communist Russia Submarine/Base.

  • The only good news is that because of Trump, who lifted the bandaid off of the Media and many more corrupt Dems we now know how they have destroyed our Country and many of our once trusted institutions. Just look at our Educational institutations and how they have brainwashed our kids. I fear for my kids and Grandkids. It will probably come down to We the people doing what we have to do. We tried by voting and look where we are now. 

    • Shirley, you are right. We owe it to Trump who pulled the curtains back. He shows us and the world honestly what a failure the US has become. Today we the people cannot even elect Trump in a fair election. We certainly can't trust any public/government institutions or the education system as you also know. I for one am eternally indebted to Trump for his honesty, for calling a spade a spade, for not hiding behind pc talk, for telling us and the world what a banana republic the US really is. 

  • Now I agree the assassination of President Kennedy was on the hands of our government if they can corrupt this election and get away with it when there are enough evidence to prove the election was fraud and they can get away with it. Killing the President in 1963 was easy for the FBI and DOJ to cover. We can't let this go.

  • Someone explain how under President Nixon, folks in the DOJ had 2 choices, Do what Nixon said or resign... For instance, the Killing the Watergate Investigation.... Why is it the DOJ can now run rogue and not either follow Trumps direction or resign?


  • DOJ has been corrupt and crazy for decades

  • I've been fighting the DEEP STATE for the last 54 YEARS!  I have one constant observation.  Everytime I realized how bad things are, I realized later that it was worse than I thought at the time.  This is been valid 100% of the time for the last 54 years and it's even more valid TODAY!!!  WE are in so much trouble, it's truly hard to imagine!  Either we stop them NOW or NEVER!!!  PERIOD!

  • Our government leaders are worse than Russia,China,N Korea,Cuba well you get the picture 

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