How Vilification of George Soros Moved From the Fringes to the ...

Hundreds of protesters marched through downtown L.A on Wednesday in a Black Lives Matter-led rally over the death of George Floyd by Minnesota police reports ABC.

The march evolved into a violent clash with police as the protesters turned rioters smashed windows of local police vehicles. The violence led to the closure of the 101 Freeway near downtown.

It is estimated that 500 to 1,000 protesters participated in the event, starting near City Hall and then marching through downtown.

And although ‘Black Lives Matter’ was initially intended as a civil rights movement, Former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke says that Billionaire currency manipulator George Soros has “hijacked” the organization to promote anti-capitalism.

Soros funded millions of dollars into the Black Lives Matter movement via his Open Society Foundation, the Washington Times reports.

Now, Black Lives Matter is also holding rallies in Minneapolis protesting the death of George Floyd.

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  • Yes... Marxism is the fundamental ideology driving the destabilization of our government and economy... 

    However, those leftists who believe they are insulated from the coming storm will find they are targets for removal... once, they have destabilized the government they become candidates as counter-revolutionaries... these disaffected activists are dangerous in the eyes of the Marxist leadership, they have proven capable of organizing and conducting effective anti-government movements... they have to be purged.  That is the pattern of every successful Marxist revolution. 

    Domestic Terrorism is part of the ideological subversion of the nation... those engaging in arson and looting, in the destruction of our institutions are dupes... enabling the permanent installation of Marxist in the key positions of the government thru social deconstruction and the great lie... the promise of social justice.  Our nation is being DESTABILIZED, this process takes 2-5yrs culminating in Constitutional CRISIS... The radical fundamental change of our government and economy from a capitalist republic to a socialist state.

    Finally, acceptance of the transformation becomes reality... and a purge of any counter-revolutionary forces follows, including the removal of all those Marxist revolutionaries, who brought about the collapse of the United States... they know too much and when they wake up to find they have no power and the promise of social justice was a massive lie... they become a threat to the Marxist in power... So, they must be eliminated before that can happen. Once more, the purge of counter-revolutionaries is the historical pattern for socialist revolutions... the current leftist will be eliminated ... purged to avoid the possibility of their disillusionment creating a new revolution.

  • Short answer YES along with Obama and the DNC

  • Of course Soros and the DNC are behind these paid bused in political prostitutes and the carnage they do !5477737274?profile=RESIZE_710x

    • We must no longer refer to BLM or ANTIFA as protestors... call them by their proper name... DOMESTIC TERRORIST. When demanding they be held accountable address the State or Federal Official refer to these groups as DOMESTIC TERRORIST. When posting on the internet label them DOMESTIC TERRORIST... When talking about them with friends and family refer to them as DOMESTIC TERRORIST... we must insist that the Federal Government take jurisdiction over them when arrested and that they are charged with DOMESTIC TERRORISM not some misdemeanor crime like public nuisance...

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    These Minneapolis, St. Paul buildings are damaged, looted after George Floyd protests
    A look at Twin Cities businesses hit hard since Wednesday by looting and rioting following the Memorial Day death of George Floyd
  • This traitor needs to go Down with every single organization of his and all assets put towards the USA debt 

  • Democrat Amy Klobuchar Failed to Prosecute Officer At Center of Floyd Death



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  • Black lives matter and ANTIFA have been agents for George Soros from the very beginning, so YES Soros is fomenting riots with attendant violence all across the nation. Just what is he attempting to accomplish?

    • I can't understand why they can't arrest Sore-Ass for giving financial assistance for violence. I believe Sore-Ass has a duel citizenship with the USA and some other country. Why can't Trump take away his citizenship based on his treasonist behavior.

    • Watch this to understand what has been going on for decades !

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