How Vilification of George Soros Moved From the Fringes to the ...

Hundreds of protesters marched through downtown L.A on Wednesday in a Black Lives Matter-led rally over the death of George Floyd by Minnesota police reports ABC.

The march evolved into a violent clash with police as the protesters turned rioters smashed windows of local police vehicles. The violence led to the closure of the 101 Freeway near downtown.

It is estimated that 500 to 1,000 protesters participated in the event, starting near City Hall and then marching through downtown.

And although ‘Black Lives Matter’ was initially intended as a civil rights movement, Former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke says that Billionaire currency manipulator George Soros has “hijacked” the organization to promote anti-capitalism.

Soros funded millions of dollars into the Black Lives Matter movement via his Open Society Foundation, the Washington Times reports.

Now, Black Lives Matter is also holding rallies in Minneapolis protesting the death of George Floyd.

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    • Liberisim is a mental illness. Remember that and listen to the warning. Freedom of our nation is at stake.

    • If only that were true... Liberals choose to embrace evil and the folly of mankind.  They are no more mentally ill than Lucifer or any of the many deranged who embrace evil as a choice ... make no mistake liberalism is a choice.

    • You got that right, Hilary.


    • BLM and ANTIFA are terrorist groups... and their followers need to be prosecuted using federal domestic terrorist laws... with minimum sentencing of 10-40 yrs for each incident of terrorist activity. No more local misdemeanor charges from disturbing the peace... a slap on the wrist and release to burn down more buildings in the next riot.

  • I was wondering if they'd mention the truth about Chairman Bao's  private army of Progressive ANTIFA Terrorists a.k.a. the eney within.

    • ditto, I was thinking the same.

  • What's behind Hungary's campaign against George Soros?




    What's behind Hungary's campaign against George Soros?
    Shrill campaign against man behind Open Society Foundations seen by critics as part of wider crackdown on civil society.
  • why isnt the government taking active measures to investigate Soros and his international crimes ?  He funds terror groups and incites riots, chaos in various countries.  Like a typical commie he uses capitalism to finance his treacherous deeds.  He adds nothing to the condition of humans or improving those nations that are oppressed.  He uses his billions the same way muslim terrorists like Bin Laden have done to create terror, discord, and destruction.  It would seem that joint international pressure and investigation would put this criminal down, but apparently he has the "goods" and blackmail on some leaders.  However as leaders change, it would seem a renewed desire to rid us of this internation scourge would take place. 

    • It should be obvious that George Soros has deep state connections and is a major ally of the Swamp in DC... he could not do what he does without cover in the DOJ, FBI, and CIA... there should be no question that his naturalization as a US Citizen should be revoked... for many reasons, not the least of which are violations of his naturalization oath.

      However, his wealth, organizations, and position in the hierarchy of the new world order have provided him with stealth immunity to US and International Law...  He also knows where all the bodies are buried... giving him control over a very large number of otherwise powerful men and women... if one lives in a glass house they can not throw stones... He has the goods on the crooks... in government and if he goes down they also go down.  That is why we must elect clean hands to high office.

  • “You got what you wanted in Minnesota. Your organization is a disgrace and Soros himself is absolute filth in my book,” read one of her scathing responses.

    Soros’ Open Society Foundations has indeed provided cash to activists linked with the Black Lives Matter movement – although the organization has long maintained that they “don’t fund protests, per se.”




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