Children’s Health Defense was recently alerted by Polish whistleblowers that Pfizer is conducting experiments on orphan babies 6 months old to test their new vaccines. Babies and children do not die from Covid and rarely transmit the disease. This alone should be enough to refuse any kind of clinical trials with experimental vaccines.  But Pfizer seems to be operating outside legal boundaries. If this is case, it is simply unacceptable and needs to stop. Answers and action are needed.

 A group of lawyers, medical professionals and activists asked members of the Polish parliament and Senate to organise a conference on Saturday October 2nd  entitled:


The conference is organized by Polish associations and foundations such as The Polish Association of Independent Doctors and Scientists, The Association of Lawyers Voice of Freedom, Dobrostan Health Information Center Association, and the New Spectrum Foundation

International speakers will feature Dr. Natalia Prego Cancelo from Spain, Dr. Meryl Nass and Mrs. Vera Sharav from the United States.

Here are some of the major questions that need to be answered:

– Is Pfizer conducting experiments on orphan children who are the most vulnerable and have no one to take their interests at heart if things go wrong? If so why and who consented to this?

– Why is Pfizer allowed to do clinical trials on babies with a product that has not completed phase 3 of the clinical trials and that is a new technology?

– Why is Pfizer refusing elected officials the get access to their documents?

– What is happening in the other countries where these experiments are conducted?

– Are the EMA and the FDA really doing their job?

And finally…are vaccine manufacturers operating in complete secrecy and outside any legal control?

Other information on the science and ethics of the clinical trials on children have also raised our concerns. Yaffa Shir- Raz, a risk-communication researcher of the University of Haifa in Israel has published an article on the very questionable methods used by the company called ‘Serious violations and manipulations of the trial protocol: This is how Pfizer managed to obtain the FDA’s emergency authorisation for children’.

This article points to troublesome facts questioning Pfizer’s intention to demonstrate safety of the use of its vaccines in children. For example, children who suffered severe depression were suddenly found to have pre-existing psychiatric conditions that should have excluded them from the study cohort and the reporting criteria seem to have been designed to exclude signals of adverse events.

Vaccine developers have a long story of experimenting on the most vulnerable: orphans, mentally and physically disabled, political refugees and impoverished populations. Stanley Plotkin, who patented numerous vaccines and is nicknamed ‘the pope of vaccines’ once defended himself by saying that disabled people ‘were only human in form’.

Getting rid of the weakest has always been practiced in the name of the greater good. Now is the time to take responsibility and put an end to this barbarian practice.

Letter from Polish activists and medical associations on the medical tests on children and infants

Dear All,

We would like to invite you to participate in a conference that will be taking place on the 2nd of October 2021 at 12:00 Warsaw time in the Polish Parliament.

The conference will include medical and legal debate in regards to testing medical products on children and very young babies. This conference is apolitical and non-religious. It is organized by Polish associations and foundations such as The Polish Association of Independent Doctors and Scientists, The Association of Lawyers Voice of Freedom, Dobrostan Health Information Center Association, and the New Spectrum Foundation. Representatives of the parliament and the government as well as main stream media have been invited to passively participate and to help the public understand the depth of the issue.

This conference has been requested in connection with the theoretical and practical analysis of clinical trials involving children and infants due to the fact that children cannot consent to participate in a biomedical study and therefore additional safeguards should and must be applied to protect them. We believe this is not happening at present.

We are therefore asking for your help in defending Polish children and children in clinical trials around the world. This is now happening in at least four countries because of the misinformation and the confidential agreements imposed by Pfizer.

Since June 2021, Pfizer has been conducting experimental trials on Polish children with vaccines against Covid-19. To our knowledge these experiments are done on healthy infants from 3 and 6 months of age up to age of 11.

read more:

They are adding translation to the conference video so it isn't up on the site yet.

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  • Take them DOWN! This is the same thing Bill Gates did to children in Africa and India!!!

  • One of the biggest crimes of Governments using Tax Money against its Citizens is called, "Public Education."

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Big Pharma is doing whatever the F**k it wants and the best part is they’re using your tax money to pay for it.

    Not a unique concept though, the democrats have been using our tax dollars to finance the crimes committed against us for decades.


  • Having witnessed the miracles of Mary Eddy Baker and Medical Science, I would say both are a Product of God, as All is.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Pfizer is a product of a Godless society. Where is the Church? Weak anemic no back bone to stand for God's word afraid to make stand for fear of hurting somebody's feelings Shame on Us!

  • I neither condone nor judge as the Human Being continues to astound me with the capacities for research/atrocities, and the Other Half ability to Praise/Condemn these acts while mucking and squirming around whatever is brought to their attention! I do know that One of Our Founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin, after reading an article, cut his young son's arm and spread "Cow Pox Pus" in the wound to prevent "Small Pox!" The boy lived and did not get Small Pox, however, what would have been the circumstances if the boy had died, both to His Father, and to This Nation? Do not be so quick to bite the bait that the MEDIA dangles before you, even when the information comes from within your circles.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • because of planned parenthood; i can only imagine what happens to babies in abortion clinics

  • My great aunt grew up in a Tennessee orphanage. She was never able to conceive. Can't imagine why... 🙁

    Knuckleheads, your spellcheck has been non-functional for eons. Any plans to get off the Leftist pot and fix it?

  • These arrangements are nothing new. In the 1960's, the United States made and Agreement with Mexico for All of its Pharmaceutical Manufacturers to sell their products to Mexico "At Cost", in exchange for the ability to conduct " Human Trials " of their New Drugs Documentation, thus rapidly speeding up the process required in the U.S. The benefit to the American Citizens was the ability purchase "Prescribed Drugs" at a greatly reduced cost. Were the People of America more Heartless than Today, or were they More American Family Protective Centric then? In all probability, as our MEDIA had the same access to information then as now, the "Focus" was also directed towards American Family Issues, Needs and Impacts, and not the Direction of the Progressive Socialist MEDIA of Today promoting World Chaos and Discord. A rational mind would ask "Why in the Past 60 Years have the American People lost so much, in a Land so Vast, when Our Population has Less Than Doubled?"

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • If some drug entity used the children of Phizer's execs as guinea pigs I would think they would be as horrified as we are. This inhumane treatment of any person on the planet must stop!!!

    Where is WHO, UN, FDA, etc.?  All I hear is the typical crickets!!!

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