• Several years ago, David Limbaugh (Rush's brother) wrote a book titled "Bankrupt" - - -he wrote the book to describe the democrat party and used it to explain, to the world, that the party was "morally, ethically and politically BANKRUPT!" And he wrote that well before the democommies had fully revealed themselves for all to see.

  • The Democrat Party (which is no longer the party of JFK) does have 'unshakeable principles'.  They involve destroying America, doing away with the US Constitution, doing away with the Middle Class, and doing away with #WeThePeople.

    Their principles are evil to be sure.  But, their principles is what the Democrat Party (and indeed the  RINOs, and Libertarians) believe.

  • The real Democrat Party left in 1960 s, the new Democrat party are Marxist. Obama is a card carrying comminist, archive at The Sun News Paper Chicago ILL. Why was he in The White House? He was to change America into socialism,with Biden, Hillary,Rice, and all the bad people as the cabinat he was well on the way in 8 yrs. Hillary was to finish the job as President Thank God it didn't happen. President Trump was on his way to exposing  all of them, with Conservative Court picks . Now roe exposed to ppl that want babies killed are going nuts & making threats to judges .Its very hard to comprehend how people could kill a innocent baby,or fight for that right is demonic. A  person once said that if a female didn't want kids she could have her tubes tied until she was ready, and then have the tubes untied to have a baby. With so much ppl can do to prevent having a child, killing is their answer.( God Help Us ) Prior to the 70s killing babies was unheard of it had to be heartless Judges to let roe happen b/c it was illegal until The Supreme Court rendered it legal. My German parents were very upset along with the neighbors in our rural community, but then everyone went to church back then.We went to a church sale and I bought a Websters encyclopedic dictionary it weighs all of 25lbs on History of the U.S. It tells how back in the 18 hundreds how they were to change the U.S by changing Government, schools taught by foreign teachers, & strange entities .Very scary read. Remembering that book with what that Biden administration is doing with our country, are we getting a taste of NWO. Just praying that we get President Trump back as our leader . 



    Mark Levin: Supreme Court leak is a 'grave assault'
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  • i wonder how many separation of church and state advocates will show they are a two faced hypocrite by disrupting a church service

  • "IS Nothing Sacred? Does the Left Have a Single Unshakable Governing Moral Principle?"

    NO! Nothing id sacred and they never had any principles, any morality, and they certainly don't know how to govern!


  • A group of protesters showed up at my house, hollering and raising hell I would take as a threat to my family.  As soon as one of those thugs steps on my property, they need to call for a body bag.  I would blow that bastard to hell.  We don't have to put up with their crap.  I don't need the police to protect me.  They need to protect the protester by removing them.  It is all about the protesters and the law.  

  • Morals [like ethics and intergirty] are a foreign concept to the de"mock"rat party. 

  • I say if they want abortions then give them abortions, retroactively.

    • Okay - let's see de"mock"rats have to be aborted until the age of 105.


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