Is it time to start using the tactics of the Left?

Watters World Fans - Posts | FacebookIs it time to start using the tactics of the Left?

Do you ever wonder how establishment media can go about not even pretending to be objective, or how Democrat politicians can tell you the current surge in crime, illegal border crossings, and rioting last summer are all a figment of your imagination? The CNNs and leftist politicians can do this because it’s not their goal to get you to tune in or get your vote. The Left now has enough of a coalition of immigrants, racist blacks, young morons, self-hating whites, perpetual victims, and government freeloaders to enforce their ideology on you.

This means they can cancel you out, spew fake news 24/7 and say whatever the hell they want no matter how outlandish and there’s nothing the Constitution or winning in the “marketplace of ideas” is going to do about it. So, conservatives -- quit living like it’s the 1980s and quit treating the Left like they’re still just the crazy uncle. Politics is the end all be all to the Left and they hate you with a passion. It’s time for conservatives to go against our natural inclinations, get out our comfort zone and enforce our ideology on the enemy.

Our fight starts with our words. Quit using their language and quit being soft on them. Maxine Waters shouldn’t be referred to as "congresswoman" but rather as a racist demagogue. Hillary shouldn’t be referred to anything other than a crook, and the FBI should be called traitors or brownshirts. CRT is racist indoctrination, abortion is murder, a journalist is a propagandist. When we use their language, we legitimize it and in turn desensitize otherwise moral, upstanding people.

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  • I agree we must not use their language when debating the political narrative and status... the Left and its Marxist Democrat party must be firmly tattooed with the, progressives own labels as: Left-Wing Radicals,  Racists, Domestic Terrorist, Deplorables, insurrectionist, Propagandist, and traitors.  "Our fight starts with our words" and our language must cut through the smoke and mirrors to expose the truth. 

  • Call it out using words that truly describe them

  • Nice is viewed as being weak.


    • "Nice"

      A turn of a phrase, or word.

      After railing vitriol for years about  Alinsky's cynical cyanide,

      Folks who preferred, more temperate tones, in affable times, see the way of things. Now.

      Thank you for speaking with me Rosemary (a lovely name, to me)

  • I have been spouting Anti- Alinskyism for years.

    It's nice to have company

  • Exactly, this has been my very point and for a very long time now.  The left is enemy.  Treat them as, if they were.  Stand up and fight back.  War is a race to the bottom.  I can't bother with the American Thinker.  They don't have a section for comments and, if I can't join in, make a contribution, or a criticism, or see what others are saying, I can't be bothered to waste my time.

  • It is way past time to start using the left's tactics. Whenever you get the chance - call them out on everything.  We have the facts behind us.  They have nothing but lies.  So let's call them for what they are dishonest, lackng in integirty; treasonous,  immoral and unethical.  There may be some I missed, but those are a good start!

  • I whole heartedly agree and have been doing this  for some time.  However many refuse to use terms like murder for murdering the unborn as too extemist.  How do we and OUR media get others to stand up and cancel the killers of the Republic?

  • Selective venues and items of the Left's playbook can and should be used...  with the caveat that violence and lawless conduct must be avoided where possible.  We must not devolve to the point that we rally around the slogan 'by any means necessary'/// rather we should rally too the call 'by any LAWFUL means necessary'.  The left may however attempt to define our lawful assemblies or actions as unlawful... they are doing that as we speak... labeling all White activists as domestic terrorists and all those who were present at the DC demonstrations as criminals.  We must not bend to the point that we allow the left to label us criminals for lawful political dissent.

    • Respecfully sir, it is not just the left.  It is the globalist, corporate establishment that controls the media.  If a tree falls in the forrest and no one reports on it, does it matter?  Does it count, if it is conveniently left out of the narrative even as false narratives are broadcast everywhere continually? 

      Political outcomes determines national policy and the use of public resources and it is the media that shapes and forms publlic opinion, which in turn determines political out comes.  I'm sure you are aware of overlapping and interlocking fields of fire, sir.  Political power also uses overlapping and interlocking fields of influence and control as a force multiplier.  Donald Trump walked into a buzz saw.

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