Is it time to scuttle the corrupt GOP?

The GOP IS DEAD They Might as Well Pull Republicans From the Ballots  Because as of Right Now Their Party No Longer Exists | Meme on ME.ME

As conservatives and other patriots across the country wait with bated breath, pondering the nightmare of a possible Joe Biden presidency and a Democrat-controlled Congress, there are many among these who appear to grasp the perilous nature of these potentialities, and others who apparently do not.

Over the last two months, we've heard conservative politicos strategizing as regards how they plan to "win it back" should Joe Biden ascend to the presidency, conservatives engaging in futile arguments with rabid leftists on social media and conservative radio talk-show hosts attempting to deconstruct the mechanics of our recent general election.

There may be something I'm missing, but now that it's been established that our electoral system has been thoroughly compromised, should Joe Biden ascend to the presidency and the Democrats take Congress, I fail to see how we're going to win anything back, save for via force of arms. I mean, with an electoral system that can be manipulated by socialist oligarchs in their favor, it seems a no-brainer that all future elections and any attempts to reform the system will be similarly compromised, as I indicated weeks ago in this space. The way I see it, expecting fair elections in the future is analogous to remaining in a high-stakes poker game with the knowledge that there's at least one accomplished cheater at the table.

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    • Our founders had one party until the whigs came along, I wish they had stopped that precedent

    • The main problem is that once it was the state legislators that determined our senators, not the 'give me' parasites looking for a federal handout.

      One party is a dictatorship is it not?

    • we only have one party now, the new world order socialist party.  it has a donkey wing and an elephant wing!!!!!

    • Bob, you sound so defeated.  Firstly, let us wait and see what transpires over the next 6 days.  Then after that, we will have a better grip on where we stand.  Patience is a hard thing.  I am never sure we learn it; we just get reintroduced to it every so often.  You say that you can pray?  Do it now like you have never have before.  Thank God for the blessings He has given us, praise Him for many reasons, and then ask that He give Donald His wisdom, His strength, guiding Donald all the time.  Ask God to place angels around Trump for absolute protection.  This presidency is potentially certainly not over.  Trust God.  God is still in control.  Your emotions are like a piece of wood in the stormy north Atlantic in the winter. Recognize them for what they are and control them.  Let God handle the details.  I could tell you so much more, but let this suffice:  God decides when it is over.

    • I'm not "defeated" and will NEVER stop fighting for freedom.  It doesn't look very good right now but I still pray daily that God will intervene to save His people, at least us, from the clutches of satan and his devildemocommiecrat minions!!!!!

    • good!

    • Bob has every right to be upset... if one has the power and the goods on the enemy to arrest them all... one doesn't wait until the trap door on the gallows is about to be triggered and your SON hung... One should never put the people through what is happening now... this is especially true if they have all these indictments and military assets poised to spring on the criminals...

      No... it is delusional at best to expect the Calvary to come riding into DC on their white horses to rescue the Nation.  In fact, it is more likely a MISINFORMATION CAMPAIGN to keep the patriot off balance until the final phases of the Marxist coup are ready to launch.... the purge of the counter-revolution.  I sincerely hope I am wrong... as the outcome is not good for the patriots.

    • We need to repeal the 14th, 16th, and 17th Amendments  ...  We need to add a Term Limits and Recall Amendment and a Balanced Budget Amendment.

    • slim chance at best.

    • Ron, at this point that won't help.  the devildemocommiecrats and their complicit gop pukes ignore the Constitution and We the People.  I believe our only hope is a 2nd Revolutionary War.  You and I are not able to fight it, younger people will have to carry the load but are they willing?

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