Is it time to scuttle the corrupt GOP?

The GOP IS DEAD They Might as Well Pull Republicans From the Ballots  Because as of Right Now Their Party No Longer Exists | Meme on ME.ME

As conservatives and other patriots across the country wait with bated breath, pondering the nightmare of a possible Joe Biden presidency and a Democrat-controlled Congress, there are many among these who appear to grasp the perilous nature of these potentialities, and others who apparently do not.

Over the last two months, we've heard conservative politicos strategizing as regards how they plan to "win it back" should Joe Biden ascend to the presidency, conservatives engaging in futile arguments with rabid leftists on social media and conservative radio talk-show hosts attempting to deconstruct the mechanics of our recent general election.

There may be something I'm missing, but now that it's been established that our electoral system has been thoroughly compromised, should Joe Biden ascend to the presidency and the Democrats take Congress, I fail to see how we're going to win anything back, save for via force of arms. I mean, with an electoral system that can be manipulated by socialist oligarchs in their favor, it seems a no-brainer that all future elections and any attempts to reform the system will be similarly compromised, as I indicated weeks ago in this space. The way I see it, expecting fair elections in the future is analogous to remaining in a high-stakes poker game with the knowledge that there's at least one accomplished cheater at the table.

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    • We never lost democracy for it was never ours to lose. We were established as a REPUBLIC, not as a mob which democracy would describe as Jefferson, Madison, Adams, etc. knew all to well. Stop using the term democracy and get back to our correct identity which describes us as a Constitutional Republic. 

      By the way, when I lived in New York City I was a member of the Conservative Party and registered as such. In fact we put Buckley into office. Why not just expand that registration to each and every state in the union?

  • It is time to get rid of the GOP and form the Patriot Party. The first step is to finance it. We can start by suing the government and then investing into gold and bitcoin. We have to establish businesses that fund our efforts so we can support our own efforts. Gas stations, grocery stores, clothing stores, and banks. We give millions to the wrong companies that fight against our Republic. 

    • Tell me how forming another party would do any good.  

      These last 2 elections were stolen and unless that problem is fixed, which I don't see happening, no party except the communist dims will ever win another important election.  Anyone that thinks the dims will ever fix the election fraud also believes in unicorns and the big rock candy mountain.

    • Oh and by the way Herb the Conservative Party was founded almost 60 years ago and championed by William F. Buckley so I consider myself and my party to be in Excellent company!

    • Ballot Box or Bullet Box which do you choose Herb! I choose the former because as a Vietnam Combat veteran the other option ain't pretty as yesterdays tragic outcome has demonstated. And just a little history lesson for ya there herbie in 1850 the dims and gopppers were one party and the Whigs were the other major party but they had a big roe over that little thing called slavery within their own ranks. Also over double taxation on southern goods shipped north and finished goods like clothing sent south and no northern states willing to sell the south machinery. Well after they split up in 1854 the Repubican party was formed and in just 6 years they not won both houses but the Presidency! You might remember him Abe something or other! One las point herbie opinions are like assholes we all have them and most stink!

      God Bless the Republic of the United States of America!


    • Keith, this sham shows We the People have lost the ballot box.  Our votes don't matter.  As Stalin said, "who votes doesn't matter, the only thing that matters is who counts the votes".  We the People have been disenfranchised by 2 parties complicit in tyranny!!!!!

    • ok!  A third party....... and along came 

      Dominion, big bad Dominion.   Hmmm   How does that work for you, again?


  • I essentially agree with this position and with the article.  It's refreshing to see.  I hope to have the health and the energy to help us move in the direction of a new party.  I'm nearly 74 with some problems and don't know what I will be able to do.  This brings me both sadness and joy.  Joy that something good may happen and even joy that if it doesn't I won't be around very long to have to see it.  Sadness, that my government is so corrupt and that my children and the several future generations may have to suffer.

    Saying all of this I believe a third party is the only answer. Since it must be viable what path should we follow to reach that point?  

    In the long view even a third party will become corrupted eventually.  Are we prepared to follow the obvious and have a revolution now and admit that one in a few generations will be necessary again?  I think the fathers of the country foresaw this. Are we willing to act upon it?

    • The Deep State is made up of Marxist and socialist...whose political ideology is not compatible with our Constitution and Republican form of government there is no compromise with them and can not be.  The Deep State will expand government, regulate or absorb the means of production in a controlled economy... free markets and capitalism will cease to exist.   The State will become the central planner for our social and economic order.

    • Our founders had one party until the whigs came along, I wish they had stopped that precedent

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