Is it time to scuttle the corrupt GOP?

The GOP IS DEAD They Might as Well Pull Republicans From the Ballots  Because as of Right Now Their Party No Longer Exists | Meme on ME.ME

As conservatives and other patriots across the country wait with bated breath, pondering the nightmare of a possible Joe Biden presidency and a Democrat-controlled Congress, there are many among these who appear to grasp the perilous nature of these potentialities, and others who apparently do not.

Over the last two months, we've heard conservative politicos strategizing as regards how they plan to "win it back" should Joe Biden ascend to the presidency, conservatives engaging in futile arguments with rabid leftists on social media and conservative radio talk-show hosts attempting to deconstruct the mechanics of our recent general election.

There may be something I'm missing, but now that it's been established that our electoral system has been thoroughly compromised, should Joe Biden ascend to the presidency and the Democrats take Congress, I fail to see how we're going to win anything back, save for via force of arms. I mean, with an electoral system that can be manipulated by socialist oligarchs in their favor, it seems a no-brainer that all future elections and any attempts to reform the system will be similarly compromised, as I indicated weeks ago in this space. The way I see it, expecting fair elections in the future is analogous to remaining in a high-stakes poker game with the knowledge that there's at least one accomplished cheater at the table.

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  • Could we somehow spur red states to get the COS passed in their state chambers?  Then we can create amendments that will take the country back in so many words. (Convention of States)

    • Putting our trust in them with zero oversight has brought us here. COS would be a dream for them. The main problem is they violate our Constitution now so why would we think they would do the right thing with COS. This is a lot more serious than people are treating it. 

    • I have been saying the same thing since the cos idea came up.  What We the People do or say is irrelevent when the political ruling class just spits on the Constitution, and us!!!!!

    • Nearly our entire government has for decades been by, for and of the establishment (swamp, elites, etc), recent events and Trump's endurance have made that clearer than ever before, seems we've run out of all but the last option unless Trump listens to Sidney Powell

    • I think it shows poor judgment to speak against the establishment when we the people are 100% loyal to a billionaire, who is part of that very establishment. I think too many people were not really loyal to Trump after all because they make comments like this one. 

    • No, I sounded the alarm on President Trump for his anti-2nd Amendment actions. He claimed to be our champion for our 2nd amendment rights but made some terrible decisions and statements about it. He wasn't called out for it and people gave him their blind trust. As long as man/women are flawed there will ALWAYS be a need for self defense. With all they did to him and his administration how could he not see the importance of the 2nd amendment ? That's my only grip about him but it's a very important one if we go by history. 

    • Trump calls the establishment the swamp, and in so doing and by his actions has proven to not be part of it.  Being a billionaire does not make a person an elite.

    • Trump was always a loner when it came to the rich boys club, you know nothing about this man, why don't you give us some proof if not shut up with typical unfounded ignorant self deduced false statements. Im waiting ?

    • "Being a billionaire does not make a person an elite." Really? What is the elite then if a billionaire isn't part of the elite but a commoner instead? Calling the establishment the swamp is enough to not be in the elite? Seriously? 

    • Yes Paul really, Trump doesn't have a superiority complex, as neither did Elvis.  Would you like to get into the psychological details?

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