• Trump can use the Emergency Briadcast System. They must by law accomodate government broadcasts and they were all recently notified of that requirement.

  • Yes, everything because they will never give up trying to destroy him even as a civilian 

    Why do you think they are trying to impeach him with only 10 days left in office, so he can't release this information. Do it before Monday!

  • It will be such a long showing, it better have intermissions.

  • About to?...............It's so in your frace you'd have to ignore it ON PURPOSE!!!..........#CANCELDORSEY...........BURN DOWN THE VALLEY!  #CANCELD.C.!

  • Absolutly. Release everything but make sure we have access to it. Also needs a consolidated site that goes into detail so even the low knowledge Dems could understand. 

  • Mr. O'Keefe, okay, you find evidence and expose the garbage in our government.  Who's going to publish it?  Who's going to report it on national TV?  Better yet, even if you get this done, do you honestly believe they will hold each other responsible?  We've tried the peaceful way long enough .......

    • I watch OAN and Newsmax and I believe they would be more than happy to expose the corruptness, for Mr. O'Keefe.

    • Nelda, OANN and Newsmax are the only reliable big news channels these days. It sure looks like fox submitted to the deep state. 

    • He could try Hannity or Ingraham and maybe even Tucker. Either one of those would be a very large audience. Yes, he should also use OANN and Newsmax. Every sourse he can find to get the word out.

    • You are so right.

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