Bill Gates Medical Fascist – Ben Garrison Cartoon – Never ...Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has become a beloved doom prophet fomenting mass hysteria among the American public amidst the coronavirus pandemic, once worked with technocratic oligarch Bill Gates on his “Global Vaccine Action Plan.”

Anthony Fauci is, as you are starting to see is absolutely not one of the good guys, not by a longshot. He has lied repeatedly about the mortality rates, as recently as just last week calling for between 100-200,000 death bodies when nothing remotely close to that has happened. Not only that, he is a longtime member of the vaccine cabal with Bill Gates. Have you figured out yet why he has been so against using the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine? Because he and his buddy Bill Gates want to give everyone a vaccine instead. You mad, bro?

I believe that Donald Trump is one of the good guys, but I also think that he has underestimated The Swamp which is at this moment seeking to overwhelm him. Anthony Fauci is a Swamp Creature, as is Bill Gates and all the rest of them. You know how Fauci is always referencing his work on AIDS in the 1980’s? Yeah, well, his ‘recommended AIDS protocols’ killed my older brother Bob. Fauci and his staff said that ‘AZT showed great promise’ and pushed for AIDS sufferers to take it. Well they took it, like my brother did, and it killed them dead. I have no love for Anthony Fauci and even less for his cabal master Bill Gates.

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