I have stayed relatively silent on my personal opinions for quite a while. I can no longer stay silent in face of what or whoever is controlling the Democrats from the shadows, is doing to America. We all seem to point the finger at George Soros, and I believe he is a major cog in the juggernaut that is attempting to roll over America and the rest of the world. In my opinion George is the Front Man and poster child for the movement to take over every nation on earth. The real culprits and enemies of mankind's freedom and self expression are the ones he is controlled by, or voluntarily working for, like he did for the Nazi's, by his own admission on a national news program some years ago. 
We need to figure out who these hidden ones are. I can speculate they are the public heads or silent controlling partners of Multi-National Conglomerates allied with the largest World Banking Empires. People like Jacob Rothschild, Nathaniel Rothschild, John Rothschild, Sir Evelyn Rothschild, David Rockefeller, Nathan Warburg, Henry Kissinger, George Soros, Paul Volker, Larry Summers, Lloyd Blankfein, and Ben Shalom, just to have a place to start. This will only be a start. Maybe we could research History to see who actually financed and backed Hitler, Mussolini, and Hirohito for WW II, and follow forward up to today.
We must do something. America is reeling under the agendas of whoever is in control of the left, and using that control to destroy America and it's promise of Freedom and self Governance. 
As I see it, whoever is in control behind the scenes wants to re-institute the monarchies and then turn them into a world group governed by an all powerful Oligarchy. 
The people are the last line of defense to preserve our Liberty and Freedom. Contrary to the wishful thinking being promoted on Social Media, Trump is not going to be installed as President. The Military will not forcibly remove Biden or his successor from office. The Courts including the Supreme Court will not rule the election as fradulent. the only people who can save us is us. 
Let That Sink In.
The Tradesman

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