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  • 130 years ago this guy knew about the real Demorats and nothing has changed.

    • isn't that something it was the Democratic party that voted God out of their party back in the 2012 election, wow, wow that's all I can say now.


  • I am concerned that the next card might be activating the Muslims!

    • you got that right and spot on.


  • "How did the democrats reach this point"?  Easy- the answer is "They were bought out by CPUSA (communist party USA) in  the 60's and have never "corrected" the mistake; over time, they've just made it worse.  By the way, were you aware that nutty nan, from the sewer city of San Fran, was a "chairperson for CPUSA" prior to taking the Speaker's gavel the first time, in 2006?  She had to relinquish her chair position in order to take the gavel, BUT still remains a member of CPUSA - -"once a commie, always a commie".  Prior to her Speaker position, in '06, the CPUSA membership roster was publicly available, online; immediately after her elevation to Speaker, the roster disappeared.  In case you haven't done the research on Joe McCarthy, he was "on the right track" when they chased him out of the Senate.  There were too many, in the Beltway, trying to CYA (plural), so "Joe had to go"!!  For the past three years I have referred to the democrats as the "dimwitted commie impeachment congress", because that is ALL they are.

    • because it's easy for them to reach that point because they voted God out of their party back in the 2012 election year.


  • Time To Act And Purge America Of The DemocRat Party! 

  • the Muslim is going to be the next world power.

    • They are definitely a threat, but they have a lot of internal issues.  Shia fights Shia, Sunni fights Sunni and Shia and Sunni fight one another. I saw this in Iraq. It is the radical (Sharia Law) Muslims that are the problem.  Their behavior reminds me of the days of the Inquisition and that faded into history.  The majority of Muslims do not subscribe to much of Sharia Law and just want to live peacefully and not force their religion on you.  Many believe that your religion is between you and your God.  It is the radical Imams and clerics that prey on the poor and give them false hope that create the problems. However, the majority of Muslims will not stand up to these radicals for fear of reprisal, so this is a problem.

    • that's the way the Devil work

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