• Agree, call them out, embarrass them (if that's  even possible), we on the right need to learn how to strike back, they aren't used to us reacting to them, we just back off and let them get away with it hoping they will go away since they sound so crazy no one will listen, but then they get emboldened and double down. "Pedophiles to their faces"........yes! Freaks, misfits, danger to society....force them to back down!

    • Love it!

  • My children have been out of the reach of these leaches for a decade or more.  If they were still in school?  These people would be filing charges against me while lying in a hospital bed or at an open casket viewing ....

  • How unfortunate that it just isn’t possible for most people to take their children out of the poison of today’s schools. While I agree it is an answer, the alternative is also harmful. By law children must be sent to school, or adequately educated. Yet homeschooling is just not possible for most. And state homeschool curriculum designates what is required. Private (expensive) schools must also fall in line. All that is gained is mostly the safety from the teachers who are woke or groomers. That in itself is important. I have no answers, just see the hurdles.our possibilities are being erased.

    • If it means the safety of your kids, you'll find a way! Maybe it's time to downsize that pricey car or forgo that next expensive vacation. Maybe you’ll have to sacrifice and lower the standards of your accustom lifestyle. It should be worth it to you to protect your children from this poison at all costs.

    • Take them out of school anyway! Without children there is no need for a schools,  the teachers have no job. Brake them!

  • If it's this bad in IOWA (corn country) imagine how bad it is in the deep blue states ?

  • Our schools are government run interrogation centers & we need to take the kids out & home school them or we will have a bunch of mind numbed freaks

  • Take the kids out of school! 

    • And take these idiots out of the school as well!!

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