A new war on terror is brewing.

Much like its George W. Bush-era counterpart, this new campaign is the product of an alliance of politicians and government officials as they seek to gain additional federal powers to fight terrorism.

Unlike its previous iteration, however, this new war on terror is to be fought domestically.

Its enemy is not the Islamic State group, al-Qaida or any other foreign threat. Rather, under the direction of the Biden administration, this new effort seeks to end the supposed threat of homegrown, far-right, white supremacist terrorism.

In order to further this domestic war on terror, politicians and federal bureaucrats have spread false and exaggerated claims regarding the Jan. 6 Capitol incursion, painting it as some sort of armed terrorist insurrection — as if the few hundred unarmed protesters and rioters were part of a premeditated plot to overthrow the entire U.S. government.

While inflated rhetoric is often the norm within the realm of government and politics, this specific instance is a calculated act with a specified goal, according to one national security expert.

In his view, efforts to push this supposed “insurrection” are nothing more than a ploy to “institutionalize the use of state power to implement the woke agenda.”

“It is a classic example of ‘never let a crisis go to waste,'” Jim Hanson, president of the Security Studies Group, told The Western Journal.

Before joining the Security Studies Group, Hanson served in the Army Special Forces and conducted counterterrorism and counterinsurgency operations as well as diplomatic, intelligence and humanitarian operations in more than a dozen countries.

Consequently, Hanson has seen his fair share of insurgencies — and, in his opinion, the Capitol incursion was anything but.

“It is a riot. You know, it was definitely a tiny group of people who may have had some insurrectionist ideas, but they didn’t even bring guns,” Hanson said. “You know? I mean, how intense of an insurrection are you having if you didn’t even bring anything beyond bear spray?”

Nevertheless, Democratic politicians and left-leaning media outlets (and even a select few Republicans) continue to forward a number of false claims and exaggerations to support this “insurrection” narrative.

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    • Simply conditioned.

  • I wish all American citizens would recognize and remember two facts .  Those facts are:  Liberals lie all the time.  If a liberal's lips are moving, they are lying.   The main stream media; MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, New York Times, and virtually every other newspaper, lies all the time.  If you hear it on one of those TV networks, or read it in virtually any newspaper, you can rest assured it is a lie.  Don't let the liars fill your head with lies.

  • If the Lamestream media won't tell the truth and Facebook and Twitter shut off your account, you can't get your message out and YOU'RE SCREWED!!!

    Constitutional Conservatives need their own media that cannot be silenced in time of need!

  • There was no insurrection!  It is all invented by Pelosi and the rest of the power-hungry maniacs.  If they would only realize that under a one-world order, they would probably be the first to go!  I would love to organize a real insurrection and show them what it is like!  I have seen it first hand in 1956 during the Hungarian revolution with included arms of all kinds and public hangings. 

    • I was there too!
      As most revolution it failed, many were killed, tortured at Andrassy Ut, put into work camps, families split up forever, tens of thousands waited for years in refugee camps in foreign lands to finally be sent to mostly the US, Canada, and Australia, and Hungary suffered behind the iron curtain under Soviet rule until 1991.

      Let's say some of them would be killed, let's say most of them would be killed. Do you assume for a second that this regime would not send in the military to handle it?

  • What insurrection? Who goes to an insurrection bare handed ? The Democrats are the enemy within. 

  • Our government is not our friend plain & simple

    • Worse, it has forgotten it is our servant in its' self-interest.

    • Under oath you're obligatd to tell the whole truth Pat.  The government is our enemy.

  • Anything to make us domestic terrorists.

    Do you see it yet? The left is TERRIFIED we might put Trump back into the WH!

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