A new war on terror is brewing.

Much like its George W. Bush-era counterpart, this new campaign is the product of an alliance of politicians and government officials as they seek to gain additional federal powers to fight terrorism.

Unlike its previous iteration, however, this new war on terror is to be fought domestically.

Its enemy is not the Islamic State group, al-Qaida or any other foreign threat. Rather, under the direction of the Biden administration, this new effort seeks to end the supposed threat of homegrown, far-right, white supremacist terrorism.

In order to further this domestic war on terror, politicians and federal bureaucrats have spread false and exaggerated claims regarding the Jan. 6 Capitol incursion, painting it as some sort of armed terrorist insurrection — as if the few hundred unarmed protesters and rioters were part of a premeditated plot to overthrow the entire U.S. government.

While inflated rhetoric is often the norm within the realm of government and politics, this specific instance is a calculated act with a specified goal, according to one national security expert.

In his view, efforts to push this supposed “insurrection” are nothing more than a ploy to “institutionalize the use of state power to implement the woke agenda.”

“It is a classic example of ‘never let a crisis go to waste,'” Jim Hanson, president of the Security Studies Group, told The Western Journal.

Before joining the Security Studies Group, Hanson served in the Army Special Forces and conducted counterterrorism and counterinsurgency operations as well as diplomatic, intelligence and humanitarian operations in more than a dozen countries.

Consequently, Hanson has seen his fair share of insurgencies — and, in his opinion, the Capitol incursion was anything but.

“It is a riot. You know, it was definitely a tiny group of people who may have had some insurrectionist ideas, but they didn’t even bring guns,” Hanson said. “You know? I mean, how intense of an insurrection are you having if you didn’t even bring anything beyond bear spray?”

Nevertheless, Democratic politicians and left-leaning media outlets (and even a select few Republicans) continue to forward a number of false claims and exaggerations to support this “insurrection” narrative.

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  • Lopez, Please define "Globalist."

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Lopez, By breathing, it is meant there continues a Will never to admit to being "Powerless!" I live in the moment. While I live in the moment there exists the possibility for the next moment. When the next moment arrives I'll live in it, breathing, with a will never to give up or give in. Cowards and defeatist quit. I am neither. I choose to be what I am. You have chosen to be what you are.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • What you are is a delusional, self inflated blow hard who never misses an opportunity to prove herself. 

  • Any narrative about a January 6 insurrection by domestic conservatives is not just self-serving, it requires religious belief in a strikingly flimsy set of conditions. A fabrication this obvious usually risks angering the listener to punish the liar for its intellectual insult.

    • The Trump rally attendees were vast in number, but a paltry few (sprinkled with FBI tutors for guidence on how to) were ushered into the Capitol building, a building only secured on one side by a security force skeletonized to serve on the announced day.
    • The few entered into the Capitol interior in a riotous rush, as they ushered-in filing between the guide ropes and boistererously vandalizing or pilfering little but the Speakers lap top. I guess Nancy aquiesced for need of situational appearance (did she leave milk and cookies and a desk sign with an arrow stating "Nancy Pelosis computer" ?). 
    • They briefly occupied chambers, and then dispersed leaving the building in devastated intactness and lit with roaring non-fires to go home or perhaps to rowdily attack the adjacent Capitol buildings in terrorist tourist techniques (guerilla guest gatherings?).
    • The single altercation resulting in violent injury occured when a plainclothes security officer shot and killed an unarmed woman seeking to climb over a barricade errected to stop the visiting "insurrectionists".
    • Naturally, almost all building internal security footage was held from media coverage if it contradicted the narrative.

    This set of conditions was then leveraged to barricade and garrison the Capitol against the Peoples entry, outrageously denying them observance of the questionable electoral certification outcome, the Biden inauguration. At least the crickets and a few Biden insiders witnessed it, including Mike Pence, Pelosi, Schumer, the Clintons, and the Obamas.

    Then the mass political persecution of any and all who attended the January 6 gathering and exercised their Constitutional right of assembly ensued, executed by the "Justice" department and the FBI.

    An interstate dragnet sweep for any of the vast January 6 assembly participants has been executed by the two culprit agencies, whether the individuals actually were in the Capitol building or not, for questioning (very Stalin-esque). Some survaillance video but more so cell GPS locating data is the pretext for being sought.

    The intruding arrestees civil rights were and are violated in an indefinite detainment with reports of torture to extract statements. The World War II German spy ring, Julius and Ethel Rosenstein, Alger Hiss, and John Anthony Walker,  were afforded equal or better service of our laws.

    Criminality, like breeding, shows. The current Deep State denizens sure do show it. But then, why not?  They are the useful idiots of our international bankster super-criminals.

     Vagebond's Movie ScreenShots: Caligula (1979) part 7

    • Well stated, skeptical.


    • Why thank you. I really enjoyed finding this revealing picture of Caligula with Drusilla to compare with the gruesome twosome in the article picture,

      meaning I laughed well.

      I wonder if the Jokester and the Hag think they look that good (or young)?

  • Lopez, perhaps you're powerless. I'm still breathing.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Breathing, wow!  I suppose you'll next tell us you power wind mills with your breath.  Perhaps you'll care to inform as to how your breathing translates into power?  Yes, you're breathing and the cow in the field is farting and yet, we see no change in the world whatsoever.  You are truly such a horse's ass and never miss an opportunity to demonstrate the same. 

  • A few hundred taxpaying American Citizens attempted to enter a Building owned by the People of the United States of America to exercise their Rights under the First Amendment and were treated as "Terrorists." Simultaneously, thousands of Illegal Aliens were crossing Our Sovereign American Borders, with complete disregard for Our Laws, Mores and Morals, without one iota of repercussion. If this in itself was not an open blatant attempt to destroy Our Constitution and Bill of Rights by the Progressive Socialist MEDIA/Politicians, then "We, the People" are truly blind.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • We're not blind.  We're powerless.

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