• If I lived near the border I would be stopping s many as possible, 7.62 mm speed bumps!!!!!!!!!!

  • There is sufficient Constitutional and Statutory authority for any President to control the border, remove the illegal aliens, and JAIL all those giving them sanctuary and acting to obstruct justice.  However, it will take a COMMITTED PRESIDENT to end the invasion of our Southern Border and to jail those behind it... Pres. Trump did not use it and we certainly can not expect Biden to clean up the problem... Governors also have wide latitude to defend their States from this invasion while waiting for the Federal Government to enforce our border, immigration, insurrection, and sedition laws.


    The President Has The Constitutional Duty and Powers... needed to e...

    Drug cartels and illegal human trafficking enterprises are routinely operating along our Southern Border...  States have both a duty and a Constitutional right to enforce their criminal code, concerning felony trespass, human trafficking, illicit drug trafficking, looting, and a host of other criminal acts associated with illegal aliens that operate along the Southern Border.  It is the State's Constitutional duty and right to defend its borders per Article 4, Section 4 until PROPERLY relieved by the Federal Government.  A State has an inherent duty and Constitutional right to defend its citizens against the wholesale criminal traffic along its borders.

    The Border States need to mobilize their NG and inform the federal government if they interfere with state law enforcement THEY WILL BE ARRESTED, tried, and sent to prison... for obstruction of justice and interfering with a law enforcement officers in the performance of their duty. It is time to engage in anti-commandeering and Nullification practices to reign in the federal government and to restore the State's and its Citizen's right to self-defense.  It is TIme to tell Biden and the DHS that Article 4, Section 4 permits the States to defend their borders until the Federal Government properly relieves them (by stopping the illegal alien invasion)... and that is not happening. 

    Governors and legislatures need to initiate anti-commandeering and nullification laws... informing the SCOTUS and Federal Government that they either comply with State law when operating within the state or their agents will be subject to arrest, trial ... and sent to prison for violating State Law. It is time to assert the State's 10th Amendment and the People's 9th Amendment rights to self-defense and the inherent right to enforce its criminal code along the southern border... without interference from the Federal government. 

    The Federal Government was NEVER intended to have such a large hand in the enforcement of CRIMINAL LAW... They were to have criminal law jurisdiction over Federal Property and those areas of responsibilities assigned to the federal government by the Constitution (IRS, BATF, FBI, US Secret Service, and the criminal enforcement code for federal programs and agencies.  Immigration is a Federal Power... however, the States retain the right to defend their borders... from an INVASION and criminal conduct... illegal entry involves more than immigration and customs violations. Millions of aliens entering the US illegally IS NOT IMMIGRATION ... it is criminal invasion, trespass, and a host of other forms of criminal acts. It is not solely the duty or jurisdiction of the Federal Government.  States have a constitutional DUTY to defend their borders and to protect their residents from criminal elements entering illegally.

    An invasion along a State's Border by aliens is not subject only to federal immigration law... the criminal alien is also subject to the state's criminal code and a state's  Constitutional right to defend its borders and CITIZENS.  States must enforce their criminal statutes including felony trespass, and illegal entry by foreign nationals... States can make it a state statute if not already available.

    The several states need to inform the INS, US Customs, DHS, and other applicable Federal agencies, that the state criminal code applies to all aliens whether illegally present or not. That the illegal alien looking to commit felony trespass or to engage in criminal activity within the State will be aggressively pursued and pro-actively barred entry by force of law and arms.  That the state intends on apprehending such individuals and immediately deporting them as far south as possible, without any interference from federal authority... thus removing the criminal alien by the most expedient means to a location outside of the USA and their State's borders.

    The President Has The Constitutional Duty and Powers... needed to end insurrection and sedition
    Sec. Esper and Gen. Millie must both go... they are not supporting the President and are likely UNDERMINING HIS AUTHORITY... the President has the po…
  • It is every patriots duty to make their lives as miserable as possible 

  • They are Dementia Joe's foot soilders.

  • So sickening what the demonrats are doing to our country

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