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The Interfaith Alliance is one of a constellation of nonprofit organizations on the political left, promoting religious pluralism and democracy, that have mobilized as the Christian and political right has dominated the religious liberty debate in recent years.

This week the alliance announced that the Rev. Paul Raushenbush, an interfaith leader, journalist and American Baptist minister, would become its new president and CEO, replacing Rabbi Jack Moline.

A former associate dean of religious life at Princeton University, Raushenbush founded Huffington Post’s religion section in 2009 before serving as senior vice president of Auburn Seminary, and most recently as senior adviser for public affairs and innovation at Interfaith America.

His personal history, as much as his resume, reads like a wall chart of American religious pluralism: He is the great-grandson of Louis Brandeis, the first Jewish Supreme Court Justice, and the great-grandson of Walter Rauschenbusch, the foremost theologian of the social gospel movement in the early 20th century, which sought a Christian rationale for solving social ills such as poverty, alcoholism, crime and child labor. He is currently at work on a biography of his grandmother, the economist Elizabeth Brandeis.

Interfaith Alliance, a small nonprofit with annual revenue of less than $1 million, was formed in 1994 after GOP allies of conservative religious groups scored major gains in the midterm elections, taking back the U.S. House from the Democratic majority after 40 years. It was the beginning of a longterm political shift.

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  • Can some one please define/explain what a Christian nationalist is?

  • What do you expect remember we live in a evil world and Santan is the prince of the world but don't worry he already knows his future all he wants is to take as many as he can with him to hell Pelosi and other like her are already on his list 

    • Lorenzo, you hit the nail on the head!!!!!!!!!!


  • this is part of the propaganda promoted by the anti christ and false prophet

  • Libtards hate anything that has to do with "Christian" and "nation". That's why we need to eliminate the cancer of liberalism from our society.

  • OK, so someone define a "Christian nationalist". Websters defines "natinalist as some one who loves their country, wants the best for everyone in the country, wants everyone to succeed. BUt the Nazi news media has twisted the meaning of nationalist as a racist term. Where is the outrage from the Nazi news media over the African continent being mostly black? That means that everything in Africa is built by black nationalists, so they must be all racists in that nation. Why has the Nazi news media not promoted the tearing down of their racist statues and memorials? The African tribes sold their same race brothers into slavery. They had and still do have slaves from other tribes. I don't see anyone sceaming "racists" at the black nation. Go figure.

    • Green is the color just as silver was 1000 of years. Government has used scientific lies biological war to destroy nations. Communism green climate change propaganda technology news media crime Lordship government unelected. Tony Fuchi and with his wife and his daughter along with google that daughter sits on the board. Than the wife get a open budget to fund war against the world and healthcare bill destroyed the family the mother the father the children now our baby. Cover your face stand six feet apart no church. Destroyed the family. Kill the family's. For what lies false profits. Government is printing money green for sale them at the top. Have the worker choose between work or vaccines. Hopspital force poison in you body for profit. No firing guns needles to bring fown nations the wotking class had no choice livehood or life now babies. They hate us and kill so they have green backs . We stand 6 feet apart and nursing doctors cover for what they will have to live with. Healthcare was destroyed just as doctors and nurses that did it and still are fuchi oder. They destroyed dictionary so its word they use. Never been black and white it skin. We have losed and shamed enough! Family faith hard work to have a home car family to go to church. Family is faith to love grow inspirational. But no one can take that they sold use for profit, now government replacing use our home with stolen election. For profit power for just a few in federal government. Dollar gone food gone all hard work for what taxes. So they can buil back better pay off the lobbyists. Whats let the poor worker class they had to choose livelihood or job! For what them to destroy the dollar. People will sale there souls for false profit. Chaos everywhere no respect. Both sides sold us for green dollar. Skin had nothing to do with it our nation needs to have citizens arrested to all of government that did this. We destroyed it my going alone. Now help turn ship around. Before it sinks no free well no home no family and no words said. Be a storm!

    • Simply one more method they are attempting to accomplish the goal of the color revolution.  Change word definitions etc attempting to destroy the USA.

  • It's easy to see, America is heading in the wrong direction! Our Government once was following God, now we follow Satan. 

    • God os with me alway family is with me let them have the lie santin's chaos . They have to fall

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