ADMIN on Twitter: "Beijing Biden and Commiela only "won"  because of ILLEGAL and UNVERIFIED votes. Everyone who accepts this election  is a cheater, a Communist and or a moron. Which are you??…

A story I was told in a meeting yesterday morning sparked my interest. A conservative journalist detailed how she was stopped and searched by airport officials while traveling this week. Then, her bags were “lost” and magically transported to… wait for it… Washington DC. This particular journalist is controversial but she’s not out there calling for civil war or anything. She speaks the truth about vaccines and the stolen 2020 election, very much like I do.

Hearing this story concerned me enough that I pull out a rarely used source in DC. I won’t go into details about this source other than to say she’s part of the intelligence community and has been extremely reliable the few times I’ve called on her. She never goes on record for obvious reasons and I wouldn’t say she’s necessarily a Trump-supporter, but she’s against the Deep State (while technically being part of it) and very much against corruption in The Swamp. From what I can tell, she’s an anti-authoritarian Democrat, of which there seems to be very few left in America.

I put out the message for her to call me when she’s able. While I waited, I ran the story by another source. This one is lower level within the FAA, an old friend of my dad’s who owed him/us a favor. He asked if my journalist friend was in DC on January 6th. I wasn’t sure. He said if she was there then she might be flagged by the FBI, but if she wasn’t there she might be on the new list.

“What new list?” I asked.

He said scuttlebutt amongst TSA friends of his claimed there’s a new flag that does not come from the FBI. Nobody knows who’s running it, but apparently it had to do with vaccines.

“What?” I asked, flabbergasted. “Why would they keep a list of people who got the vaccines?”

“No, not GOT the vaccines,” he replied. “It’s anti-vaxxers. It’s also folks who still think Biden stole the election.”

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    • Not likely... the US Patriot Act expanded the government's power to surveil its citizens without getting a warrant or establishing probable cause to investigate an individual... The Patriot Act has several provisions that appear UNCONSTITUTIONAL on their face... violations of the 4th (to be secure in their personal papers and effects), 5th, (The right to due process and possession of their property), and 14th (due process and equal protection)  

    • The Patriot act along with Jimmy Carters FISA act has molested our Countries Constitutional protections in good intentions with criminal results.

    • Agreed. With the Patriot acts adoption, I gained complete lack of belief in "W"s competence.

      Surely he took more than one swan dive onto concrete as a child.

      Swan diving into concrete seemed like a good idea...

  • I took the vaccine, but I now very much regret doing so.  I would tell everyone not to get the vaccine.

    • If you have any after effects,  pine needle tea is supposed to help. It is supposed to help anyone whose been around anyone who took the vaxx. Don't know if it works. Just passing it on. 

  • Put me on your list people - I refuse the vaccine, I am a Trump supporter and believe that the election was stolen.  Now put this in your pipe and smoke it!

    • I'm with Edie.

      Had the virus - didn't opt for vaccine! Opted against it!

      I am. Atrumper4ever! 

  • Sounds like the U.S.S.R. looks like the tail wagging the dog. That list gotta be huge by now.

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    • So Joe Bidens personal identifiers (blood type, finger prints, voice I.D., etc.) have all been falsified by a number of federal employees , all presumably on the take? I do not want to doubt the possibility, but it does require some plausibility checks.

      But whether Joe is Joe Biden, or faux Biden, he is indeed certified  (and likely certifiable too). Thank you, you useless bags of trash resident in Congress.

      Star Seed, I think I would say to anyone to stay focused on prevailing the next half year. The Covid/civil rights rape momentum is just about spent. The public is keenly interested in detecting election fraud, and its prevention. Ongoing election audits are eroding what little faith and confidence existed in the 2020 elections due-process legitimacy. The states are sensing the need for more assertive interaction as Sovereign to the Federal government. 2022 will promise an election year of deliciously deserved terror for the rotting fruits and vegetables in Congress. I believe we can count on Trump in the GOP, upturning the money changers tables, and reordering the constituents to produce desirable candidates. They could have left him in the White House to grind down in four more years, but just had to keep to the NWO timetable instead. OOPS!

  • Two lyinng sneaky people

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