ADMIN on Twitter: "Beijing Biden and Commiela only "won"  because of ILLEGAL and UNVERIFIED votes. Everyone who accepts this election  is a cheater, a Communist and or a moron. Which are you??…

A story I was told in a meeting yesterday morning sparked my interest. A conservative journalist detailed how she was stopped and searched by airport officials while traveling this week. Then, her bags were “lost” and magically transported to… wait for it… Washington DC. This particular journalist is controversial but she’s not out there calling for civil war or anything. She speaks the truth about vaccines and the stolen 2020 election, very much like I do.

Hearing this story concerned me enough that I pull out a rarely used source in DC. I won’t go into details about this source other than to say she’s part of the intelligence community and has been extremely reliable the few times I’ve called on her. She never goes on record for obvious reasons and I wouldn’t say she’s necessarily a Trump-supporter, but she’s against the Deep State (while technically being part of it) and very much against corruption in The Swamp. From what I can tell, she’s an anti-authoritarian Democrat, of which there seems to be very few left in America.

I put out the message for her to call me when she’s able. While I waited, I ran the story by another source. This one is lower level within the FAA, an old friend of my dad’s who owed him/us a favor. He asked if my journalist friend was in DC on January 6th. I wasn’t sure. He said if she was there then she might be flagged by the FBI, but if she wasn’t there she might be on the new list.

“What new list?” I asked.

He said scuttlebutt amongst TSA friends of his claimed there’s a new flag that does not come from the FBI. Nobody knows who’s running it, but apparently it had to do with vaccines.

“What?” I asked, flabbergasted. “Why would they keep a list of people who got the vaccines?”

“No, not GOT the vaccines,” he replied. “It’s anti-vaxxers. It’s also folks who still think Biden stole the election.”

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  • This shit is real folks. WE"RE BEING OVERTHROWN!!!!

  • We've been overthrown by Communists. You better wake up before it's too late!!!! They taught your children to hate you and this country Don't seek help from them and watch out,they'll TELL ON YOU!!!!. Nice,huh?

    • The succesful completion of an enemy subduing a free society, is in the self-internalized admission that it has happened, and there is nothing to be done about it.

      But you are not saying that, are you Phil.

      A free People never have relief from someone trying to rope them in. Despotism has a big franchise in human frailty.

      The final question, 'how much is freedom worth', always remains to be answered in convictions, and deeds.

  • They all can kiss my buttocks.

  • Good- hope I am on the list. 

    • Most likely anyone who ever posted here.



  • As these political views are not actual crimes and are protected speech, how does the Federal Bureau of Investigation justify any intelligence activities regarding the legitimate activities of citizens?

     Is not that bureau activity a crime in and of itself?

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