China interfered in the 2020 presidential election and high-level CIA officials covered it up because they "disagreed with policies of President Donald Trump," a bombshell new intelligence report has revealed.

The damning intel report was released by Director of National Intelligence (DNI) John Ratcliffe on Sunday.

The report reveals that Chinese Communist Party (CCP) operatives successfully meddled in the election.

However, rather than act appropriately on the information, CIA management pressured lower-level analysts to discount their assessment.

Ratcliffe - Views on Intell... by Jenna Romaine

h/t NeonNettle:

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    • 192,000 ARREST WARRANTS.


    • Do they exist?  Doubtful.

    • Really... you actually believe there are 192K sealed warrants just waiting to be served and arraigned? 

      192,000 warrants at 40 man-hours to investigate, serve, and arraign each Case... that represent 7,680,000 man-hours... assign 2000 men to the task, and it would take 3840 man-hours or 2000 men (96) eight hour days, to make all the arrests... It is unlikely that 40 hrs is enough to make each case, present it to a Grand Jury, obtain the indictment, execute the indictment, and arraign those charged. We are looking at more than 96 days to effect all the arrests... If the DOJ assigns 2000 agents full time on the task.

      Do the math to determine how long it would take to effect arrests and arraign in all these cases... Then ask... Do you really think there are 192,000 warrants just waiting to be executed? The 40 man-hours from investigation to the indictment for each case is a very low estimate on the hours for each case.  It is also highly unlikely that the DOJ can assign 2000 investigators, LEOs and US Attorneys to these cases only... it is more likely that a few hundred men are all that can be expected to focus their full-time duties on the cases. It takes 7,680,000 man-hours just to execute each warrant... pickup, book, and arraign these individuals.  96 days, for a task force of 2000 men working 8hrs/day/40hrs a week.

      The idea that there are 192,000 sealed indictments is probably more misinformation...

    • what about martial law?

    • Martial Law is up to the President... no one else can declare it.  The President may be threatened with the 25th Amendment so he may need to be ready to arrest half ord more of his primary cabinet officers from the minute he declares martial law to keep from having the 25th Amendment invoked... he needs to be certain it will not be used.  Temporary holds and arrests on suspected disloyal senior cabinet members should be considered... until the President has jailed and isolated the key Marxist Coup leadership ... He can't let them have a window of opportunity to invoke the 25th Amendment.

      There is also the problem of vetting the senior military commanders and relieving those who can not be trusted... remove, isolate and keep all communications with suspect senior offices under lock down.  Or risk confusion within the Chain of Command or possible mutiny.  Martial law is looking like the only option short of Civil War.

    • However many warrants and however many man hours to do the rest of the job doesn't really matter.   IF THEY BROKE THE LAW, SEND THEM TO GITMO TO AWAIT THEIR CASE RESOLUTION.   NO PROBLEM WITH THAT AT ALL.


    • It does matter when one is trying to determine if the 192K warrants are real or BS theory... I suspect they are BS.  I wonder if these warrants had to be served within a particular period of time... the reports of their existence have been around for over a year.  With all the hyperbole and misinformation circulating it only pays to be prudent when analyzing such claims.

  • For 2 solid months after the INSURRECTION OF THE BALLOT BOX, we waited for the powers that be to erase the FRAUD.   WE WAITED FOR THE VP TO RESOLVE IT WITH THE ELECTORAL BALLOT COUNT.   AND, WE waited patiently for the VP to, at minimum, give a 10 day period to present the evidence of ALL THE FRAUD THAT WE ALL KNOW HAPPENED.   THE CHINESE DOMINION VOTING MACHINES, THE DEAD VOTERS, THE MEGA VOTE INDIVIDUALS, THE SUITCASES OF BALLOTS, The ballots that are not even legitimate ballots.   Fraudulent prints on different paper even.  And, very few stood up and did anything about it.   YET WE WERE ALL BLAMED FOR THE BLM AND ANTIFA FALSELY FLAGGING THE 6 JAN MARCH FOR AMERICA.

    And now, here we go again.   About 80 MILLION AMERICANS THAT ACTUALLY VOTED, MANY WHOSE BALLOTS WERE THROWN OUT BY POSTMEN AND CORRUPT POLLWORKERS.   And, we are to believe that the ONE who supposedly got more votes than ever before in a Presidential Election in the USA has to have 25,000 NATIONAL GUARD TROOPS TO ENSURE COMPLETION OF HIS COUP D'ETAT OF AMERICA.   

    We are told that it will not happen.   That thousands of the CABAL will be arrested and removed to GITMO for their crimes against America and US.   



    • If the massive arrests don't happen don't be surprised that another excuse is made and calls to be patient occur... with promises that the lawsuits in SCOTUS will rescue America... of Course SCOTUS Will take 6months to a year messing with the cases... keeping the silent majority at bay waiting until they simply fade into oblivion or all their leaders and weapons are seized.  Delay, delay, delay ... and delay is the game of fools.

    • Several Billion Chinese were fed up with Mao... tens of millions with Stalin and Lenin, millions more resisted in the Old Soviet Union Block Countries... Billions in India and around the world have suffered under the rule of despots, in governments that are able to wield sufficient force of arms to subject their populations to their will.  America is not so different that it can not be bullied into obedience. 

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