China interfered in the 2020 presidential election and high-level CIA officials covered it up because they "disagreed with policies of President Donald Trump," a bombshell new intelligence report has revealed.

The damning intel report was released by Director of National Intelligence (DNI) John Ratcliffe on Sunday.

The report reveals that Chinese Communist Party (CCP) operatives successfully meddled in the election.

However, rather than act appropriately on the information, CIA management pressured lower-level analysts to discount their assessment.

Ratcliffe - Views on Intell... by Jenna Romaine

h/t NeonNettle:

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  • There is enough evidence the election was stolen and government leaders were involved time to call for Marshal Law until it is proven how the election was won or lost time to defend the Constitution of the United States.

  • If Pres. Trump fails to arrest and spirit away Biden and Harris before they take the oath of office... it is over... it Biden is officially sworn in he becomes the new CIC ... and can order the US Military to stand down immediately... waiting until the last minute is not... repeat is not adviseable.

    • It's over. Trump left and Biden will be sworn in shortly. At least Trump could pardon a few good guys before the end of his presidency. And we the people need to be grateful that he made America great again. 

  • President Trump, you have until 10:59 AM Washington time the 20 Jan. 2021. Declare Martial law and lets clean the swamps out once and for ALL, If China was involved then they had Biden blessing and he needs to stand trial and prison

  • Can't President use this ?????

  • Fire intel analyst who violate Analytic Standards on their first offense... don't mess with them ... fire them.  One must be able to trust their intel analysis and it appears many of our analysts are compromised and hence not trustworthy

  • Can't really have something stolen when Ms American pie has a back door man (men, women, etc)....

  • So what?  The left is not going to stop until they destroy the right!  The right is not fighting back!


    • The right is respecting the request of Our Leader, President Trump.

      When he says not to be patient any longer, it will be a GO LIKE NEVER BEFORE.  

      About 80 MILLION GOES 

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