• The business in MN may well be the beginning of a nationwide attempted insurrection.  It seems a segment of the population of  black people view rioting, looting and destroying property as normal means of voicing displeasure against anything they don't like, and there is a lot they don't like. It doesn't take much to set them off.   Also, those same black people look at any opportunity to loot as a form of welfare.  Just more free stuff.  I suspect the usual instigators and leaders of the insurrection; Antifa, BLM, both funded by George Soros, are in attendance.  So, a city, or cities, in Minnesota will burn to the ground.  Looters will loot to get their free stuff.  Business owners will lose their businesses, and communities will suffer.  Insurrectionists and anarchists will get to feel good about themselves.  Democrats/communists will rejoice because their evil plan to destroy the law abiding society of the United States is working.  I fear this country will see the events currently happening in MN replayed all across the country wherever liberal leaders with their liberal, anti-American policies are in control.  Now that Barack Obama is again in control of federal government, through his puppets in the Biden crime ring, a complete lack of federal government response to the insurrection in MN,  will likely embolden anarchists and insurrectionists to foment violent unrest wherever liberal leaders are found.

    • It's not just one ethnicity.  All ethnic groups are involved in the attempted overthrow of our rule of law, our Constitution of the United States of America.  The Saul Ainsky playbook is being followed.  We USA citizens are being attacked to crumble our nation and overthrow the Constitution of the United States of America our republic.  Keep praying.  God will intervene in Jesus name and for His glory 


    • It seems to be only one.


    • AMEN ...! That is EXACTLY what they are doing in order to help collapse the American Dallar and Economy..! They are being paid to do this crap by the Globalists Top 1% and the Democrat Communist / Marxist Party..! They Are Totally Un-American and Also Godless Demon..!

  • These people are idiots, all they want is more free stuff!!  They have no respect for law abiding citizens or law enforcement, therefore, they should be herded into FEMA camps!!

    • Hearded into FEMA camps then shipped back to Africa where wild apes belong!!

    • Better Yet !!!!

    • JJ,  You are wiser than a tree full of owls !  And we have the God-given right to protect hearth, home, loved ones, and ourselves!   And we are taxed to death by the chief pile of doggie do-do, in D.C.   The Right side is also a JOKE when it comes to working together to make our lives at least free from most crime including invasion at the South gate....duh.   ---Disabled Vietnam Veteran:  68-70, and there are not many of us left.  "Iron sharpens Iron." --Proverbs 27: 17.  Have a great day, JJ.   



    • Fema camps???? Would prefer the ICE agents shot them instead for threatening life and destroying federal property. I would wonder if FEMA accepts corpses?

    • By far a better solution !!!

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