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  • Allow them into my office and I will change their Climate.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • No one shot or held incomunicado I bet 

  • Liberal Protesters get a free pass, but Conservatives are labeled as "Domestic Terrorists" and jailed indefinitely with no bail options? Come ON Americans, get ANGRY!

  • "Fossil Fuel", is basically created from the ancient sediment of plant and animal where what was once living energy converted to a " Carbon/Coal" energy named "Biotic." Crude Oil is the result of the continuous Tectonic Plate Process of the Earth where the Ocean's sediments of Iron Oxide and Calcium Carbonate combine under extreme heat and pressure to become "Abiotic Oil", A never ending, continuous process. Th result of a damn fool Oil Driller named Sinclair missnaming About Oil as a Fossil Fuel to use a Dinosaur in his Advertising, the rest of the World wouldn't continue to follow, and believe with such passion, " False Advertising!" 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • These Marxist Socialist fools are totally ignorant to the fact that without fossil fuel the world would go into the Stone Age. Fossil fuel will end only when Jesus returns but so will this Heaven and Earth.

  • They should of used guns. But we all know  nothing will happen to them

  • One must remember the "Tree Huggers" of yesterday forced the World to convert to the "Plastic" being Damned today!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • If oil production stops, what will the leftists' climate friendly electric cars and bicycles  travel on, skids? These hell raising idiots don't stop to think that no oil means no tires and thousands of useful and necessary household  products we take for granted.  Come to think of it, they aren't capable of thinking and reasoning about anything except the Communist doctrine they have been taught to blindly follow.

  • The brainwashed activists are unable to make the connection between climate regulations and Washington's lust to control world energy.  Once they realize that, the whole narrative comes into question, as it already has with people/w/a brain.

  • Militant Climate Change Globalism! Otherwise know as Organized Ignorance. One minor glimpse of History reveals that Egypt once had a Vast Lake which disappeared 1,000 years ago from "Over Agriculture." The result was a "Yellow Dust" carried by the Trade Winds to the Areas of Brazil, where that microscopic dust caused humidity to collect forming "Rain". Which in turn fell, allowing the " Rain Forest" to come into existence A mere Ten Centuries ago! The dust continues, as does the rain, as do the Forrest. All the results of a "Man Made Catastrophe!" All things constantly change. Adjust, adapt and get over it! Most out grew Childhood to become functional adults. Others became "Climate Change/LBGTQ Terrorists!"

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain


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