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    • Resignation in presumed certainty seals the deal.

      Or do you say that hand-count election balloting cannot be state re-established, and fraud-prone vote machines cannot be state banned?

      If so, have the missus hide the ammunition. Depression might follow.

  • It would be wonderful if that mob converge on the Capitol and attempt to breech the walls and carry out their threat to burn it down. Then America would know WHO was behind the January 6th invasion and who the politicians ought to be afraid of.


    • Yes, but the explanation would be the White-supremacist, mis-informing Trumpers did it.

      Thats when Martial Law rides into towns everywhere.

    • Tre - but that is expecting too much - much too much - of the msm


  • Just start shooting, they WILL start running.

  • Peaceful protests are now insurections, and insurections are now peaceful protests... like Nancy P. calling for uprisings, just depends which "party", good but timid or evil and aggressive

  • You don't suppose the paid protestors are thugging around the Capitol in hopes of intimidating Congress into an impeachment conviction vote.....or else?

    Recognize any?


    • left out all devildemocommiecrats, mitch mcconnell, lindsey grahamnesty, benn sasse, mitty the poo, susan collins, lisa murkowski, lynn cheney, and a host of other gop TRAITORS!!!!!!!!!!

  • New America!

    • Can anyone figure out how the Democrat Party thinks this is helping them?  It is so far beyond me!


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