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  • And it's NOT MAGA doing it, either!

    • never was, especially on Jan. 6!!!!!!!!!!

  • This are who the fake President and his socialist party called pure Americans.


  • there you go again back to the Obama years and it's going to get worse as the day goes by.

    • That's right, Jeff! Sadly we are going back to the chaos, riots, budget deficits, etc that obummer was known for. At least we had four good years, in which Trump ended the chaos, riots, budget deficits, etc and in which he made America great again. He will be back in 2024 to finish the job. We the people certainly keep standing by President Trump come what may.

    • I don't expect to see another election and IF we do it will be another Soviet style dog and pony show in favor of devildemocommiecrats as the deep state gop TRAITORS pull out all their tricks to eliminate patriots from office!!!!!!!!!!


    • It will start with 2022, and hopefully by remedial action at the state and local action even before. California is mighty close to pulling out the wooden spoon and whacking Newsomes knuckles.  There are plenty of corrupt Soros D.A.s, judges, mayors, and governors. Any other states in the mood?

    • Elections from now on will change nothing...

      See the source image

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