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  • Going off topic just a little here.

    I got an education this morning from my 17 year old Junior class, Advanced Placement student grandson.   Calculus and Physics and a couple other college level credit classes.  He's not stupid.

    We talked about what education is supposed to be.   He told me that education used to be to prepare workers to take their place in production/factory jobs and that is no longer the case.

    So, I asked, '' What is the purpose of education today?"   The response blew me away.  The purpose of the education of the highest costing educations in the world that produce #38 level products is to 

    'teach them to get along and to accept the differences of various people'.   That's it.   They cannot sign their names.  Cannot read script, replaced tied shoes with velcro, and this is their preparation for adult life.


    These young 'adult children' are the next generation of Americans.    

    His SAT was one to be proud of.   This is the cream of the crop.

    I  don't even want to think of the ones that cannot even make change for a dollar.

    If we do not take charge and remove the incompetent from the teaching profession.    Maybe it is way too late to even think of that.

    No intent to hijack.   These same politicians have created the disasters in our schools as well.   Sorry to ventilate.


  • The Dems have gone crazy.  I surmise that over 70% of voters are against abortion, period.  The Dems are jackasses that think killing an unborn or born kid is OK.  If only the abortion crazy craze were around when these Dems were in the whom, then I would want abortion to be OK.  They lay down, spread their legs, have their fun, and then want to use taxpayer money to kill the kid.  They are nuts.

    • Some republicans too.   

      It's an obscenely crazy world today.

      How do we even begin to fix it?

      I like what DeSantis is doing.

  • devildemocommiecrats are EVIL, demon possessed agents of satan!!!!!  They are bound for the Lake of Fire for eternity!!!!!  The image says "they can't have it both ways" but it looks to me like they ARE having it both ways because the gop establishment won't oppose them but rather is in cahoots with them!!!!!!!!!!

  • Can't wait for these perverts to meet God!!!

  • Where were these idiots when they were mandating the diaper on your face of getting the poison jab. How many people got fired because they believed that it is their body and their choice.  I read an article from a pilot that said there have been instances of pilots having heart problems after the jab while flying the plain. Many have had adverse permant injuries and will never be able to fly again.

  • Manchin represents his constituents.  What a concept.  In a Representative Republic, a senator that actually REPRESENTS HIS VOTERS.  

    He does the right thing because it is the right thing to do.   It's not kissing up or paying back.  It is merely the right thing to do.

    How far Our Country has fallen that this is now newsworthy rather than the norm.

  • These protesting women enjoy the fruits of being alive but are hell bent on denying the same to the innocent unborn children (per Joe Biden).

  • Once again just goes to show that de"mock"rats cannot read and are completely unAmerican!  These idiots cannot realize that a baby is not their body.  IDIOTS!!!

  • Insurrection 

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