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  • I'm ALL FOR NO MASKS as they are worthless

    • Janet, correct, I just read an item where a virologist from Japan, the most recent VIROLOGIST to say masks are useless, but the political correctness bullies demand compliance, or else!!!!!  Like gun control isn't about guns masks are not about health.  Both are about control over We the People!!!!!

  • Rules don't apply to the rule makers, that's the world wide system American leadership has adopted many decades ago... Unfortunately few complained for decades until evil set itself in

    • Oleg, correct, it is rules for thee but not for me!!!!!  despotism at work!!!!!

  • What a freedom loving patriot! 

  • Testing positive for what is basically a cold means nothing. As for these rediculous masks they don't protect against or prevent the spread of any virus. It's all about control. Everyone must refuse to wear these face rags. Piglosi do us all a favor and stop breathing!

    Incoming Ga Rep Marjorie Taylor Green Blasts Pelosi over Masks and Covid Positive members
    .@SpeakerPelosi changed the COVID rules because she is desperate to cling to the gavel.No one can attack me about masks, when Pelosi is sending Democ…
    • I WILL NOT wear a mask for any reason at any time!!!!!

  • Bach to hell Piglosi, you are not wanted on planet Earth!!!

    • My bad...back not bach!!!  lol

    • Yeah, I keep looking for that "edit" button, too, Gary!!


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