In The Fall, Democrats Will Lock Down America Again

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On Sunday, Florida Democratic Rep. Donna Shalala demanded Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis shut down the state again to break the coronavirus cases increase making its way through the population.

“We need to close down again,” Shalala said on ABC’s “This Week,” criticizing the state’s Republican leadership for reopening what she condemned as “too soon.” “I said four months ago if we don’t do this right we’re going to have to close down again. That’s our worst nightmare and we’re going to have to do that in Florida.”

Cases in Florida are indeed rising. On Saturday, the state reported 12,523 new infections in the fifth consecutive day of more than 10,000 cases. The death toll too has risen, but not as much as one might expect.

While Florida surpassed 5,000 COVID deaths this week, its fatality rate remains remarkably low considering its cases, particularly when compared to New York where Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo stuffed infected patients into nursing homes even though older people have proven more vulnerable to the virus. Florida has suffered approximately 231 deaths per million. In contrast, New York’s rate is about 1,675 per million.

The same story is playing out nationwide, where cases have gone up as the government ramps up testing capacity while the death rate barely budges, suggesting the virus is getting weaker as it spreads.

 This won’t stop Democratic lawmakers from pursuing a second wave of lockdowns, however. California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom already issued another major stay-home order last week affecting millions in the state. According to The New York Times, nearly half the country is following suit, with at least 21 states either pausing or reversing their reopenings.

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  • if this continues we will have no election this year and that's what the Democrats want to have anyway, we will have a war that the American people will never see in their lifetime.

  • This is an attempt by Democrats to legitimize Vote by Mail. 

  • Everything everyone you say is true. somehow we have to continue to unite and stick with Trump and the other governors like Desantis, Brian Kemp, Abbott that are doing what is best for their states. I hate my state lamont he is a jack ass sorry. But that is what he is. He sits there and bats his eyes and people listen to him and think he is doing a remarkable job.


  • Election. Domrats do not want one, They want chaos and new order.

  • I have to say that I am disappointed that Trump gave into the far left fear mongers when he tweeted "many people say that it is Patriotic to wear a face mask" with a picture of him wearing one. He doesn't look good in a mask, either. Will Kemp, DeSantis, etc also fall now? Lift me up, people!

  • We all know it's about getting rid of Trump, nothing else.

  • Shut the media down now ! Covid is not much different from the flu, it only effects those with a weak immune system ! Fauci is a liar and a puppet for the globalist! This shut down is a scam to prevent TRUMP from becoming president AGAIN ! It's a scamdemic ! 

  • Also, I see where the Governor of ARIZONA Doug Ducey is the first to sign onto the CDC's addendum that anyone 75 years or older that contracts any illness during an epidemic or plannedemic will be thrown to the curve if hospitals need the bedspace. Google it! So, if you are going to retire, Arizona is not the state, unless you want to come here and die during the next bill gates, w.h.o., obama, u.n., soros, plannedemic. I think a recall is in order for that rino p.o.s.. Do not vote for him in the next election, the last thing Arizona needs is another traitor, like john mcstain.

  • Enough of this nonsense!  But common sense tells me that the Democrats will get worse as the election gets closer and closer.  Then when Trump wins again, they will torch the big cities.  Have at it guys, keep killing each other, every weekend in every big city.  BLM really only covers the white police officer shooting a black person - nothing else matters!  

    How much longer before BLM and ANTIFA are declared terrorist organizations?  


  • When do we see the TRUE results of those dying of Covid-19 after we subtract the following causes of death? It amazes me how no one is dying anymore of cancer, heart attacks, pneumonia, seasonal flu, stabbings, road kill, gun shots, strangulations, hanging suicides, road kill, car accidents, MH 380 passengers, Revolutionary war, road kill, War of 1812, Civil War, World War 1,  road kill, World War 2, Korean War, Viet Nam police action, Desert Storm 1 & 2, Iraq war, afgan war, syrian war, Star Wars, the Empire Strikes Back, road kill, boredom, drug overdose, drunks, sinking of Atlantis, road kill, listening to idiot leftist azzclowns, regurgitating leftists, road kill, previously dead from leftists poor policies, nationwide cemetarys ( if they can still vote, they can still die of Covid-19 ), planned parenthood. I know I have missed other causes, so, just add another 50% to the Covid-19 count.

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