Illegal immigrant freed by Maryland 'sanctuary' county after being accused of raping 7-year-old girl "at least 10 times"

He shouldn’t even be here in America.  Instead, here he is, being protected by the very courts that seemingly refuse to protect kids.

An adult woman recently went to authorities to report that Rene Ramos-Hernandez, an illegal alien from El Salvador, raped her several times while she was seven years old.  The victim, who is now 25, reports that she was raped at least “ten times” from 2002-2003 according to ABC7 News’ Kevin Lewis. 

The victim in this case came forward in 2017 to report the rape after years of living with being a victim. 

During the investigation, she alleged that Ramos-Hernandez raped her several different times.  In June of this year, Ramos-Hernandez was arrested for second-degree rape and sexual abuse of a minor. 

When Ramos-Hernandez was taken into custody, ICE, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, requested a detainer be placed on him to ensure that he did not have the ability to flee prosecution in this case. 

However, Montgomery County District Court Judge Zuberi Williams felt that was not the appropriate action and decided to move forward with issuing a bail amount which would allow eventually allow him to flee.

Judge Williams issued an order granting Ramos-Hernandez a $30,000 bail for raping a seven-year-old. 

Montgomery County did not notify ICE that bail was granted until approximately an hour before the illegal alien could post bail and be released.  Unfortunately, the hour notice was not sufficient for federal authorities to respond and take Ramos-Hernandez into custody. 

ICE officials were unable to respond to the jail and take Ramos-Hernandez into custody prior to him being able to post bail and be released.  As a result, he was released and never reported back as he should, perhaps because he was facing up to 70 years in prison for the crime he is alleged of committing. 

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  • Execution is deserved, followed by lynching of the those who let this sob out. 

  • This is what you get when you elect left wing, progressive/socialists who in turn appoint anti American judges, who do not protect the public.  The judicial system is corrupt and perverted because of diversity.  These kind of judges want to legislate as part of their mission to flood this nation with 3rd world trash.  They believe that they will then be part of the junta that will run this nation.  They have little value of life or security, because IT'S PART OF THEIR CULTURE.....TO RAPE, PILLAGE, JOIN GANGS.......IT'S ALSO PART OF THEIR MACHISMO ETHIC.  This is a war, not a race or cultural issue. 

  • may judge lewis experience eveything  10 times that the victims of this pervert went through

  • Should have been hanged, save the tax payers from supporting such evil.

  • Sanctuary Cities/Counties are illegal.Abolish lawlessness from the Communist/Totalitarion/Democrat (pick one) enemy within!!!

    It's now or NEVER!

  • would the Guillotine be too much to ask for?

  • WELL THIS IS THE DEM VOTER OH TOO BAD THAT HE CANNOT VOTE IN THIS COUNTRY.  Ship em all home.  Back to their home countries.

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