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  • Will someone tell this idiot person that our constitution starts with the words "We the People " and that is why she has the right to run for a Congress Representative 

  • She never knows the right answers. This country is not all White. It never has been, nor will it ever be. She is a racist, bigot!! It would seem these types are running this country. Joe, Kamala, IIhan and the rest of the squad!! Oh well, “Stupid is, is stupid does”.

  • She should look in the mirror and see she is in the US Congress and not white. She is a race baiter along with the rest of the squad. They stay in office because they can sell this poison rhetoric to those who are on democratic socialist plantation.

  • Go back to where you came from

  • And this VERMIN has NOT been REMOVED from our misery yet WHY????

    • Because "Communist Controlled" States. And NOW we're a Communist Controlled Country.


  • This is true racism folks.

    • RACIST!!!


  • I assume that she took an oath of office , which she has not nor ever intended to honor . That being the case there mst be a  legal way to  expell her from Congress . Why stop with just one loud mouth traitor ??????

    • Yes; just like Beijing Biden, et al.


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