Ilhan Omar's Daughter: Hi I’m a Communist

I am speechless.

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  •  In our country that not only makes you an enemy, it makes you a target for a life of hell. Enjoy...


  • Why are those who support socialism/communism so eager to admit being morons? 


    • because they are a moron everyone of them.

  • she is as ignorant as her mother

  •  I hope when President Trump gets reelected he will get around to removing these ingrates from our country. Put this little girl in Venezuela,  Cuba,  North Korea for six months and see if she would have a different view of America and the freedoms we enjoy. I wouldn't let her come back to America but see what she had to say. 

    • let's hope so.

  • What is truly disgusting are the ingrates who simply colonize and do not assimilate. Maybe some on here remember when the Skinnys dragged dead Americans on the streets. I was in the Army then and knew one of the KIA from Basic. Obama imported these third world trash people in the middleof the night. They now occupy many states,populate demographics and now have political power. The a-holes have zero respect for this nation. My apologies to those who get it but they are rare.

    • EXACTLY!   I hate these assholes who come here with ZERO plans of assimilating.  We need to go back to immigrants coming through Ellis Island.  Their reasons for wanting to become a citizen, and their health being checked out, and they need to learn English before they take their oath.  All they want is gimme's now.

    • Yes, I get it and there's no need to apologize when you are blisteringly correct.


    • this is interesting after all this is Obama doing, isn't it?

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