• I can't believe what scum the Democrats have morpohed into!



  • This anti-American liar and muckraker should be deported. I believe that there is enough evidence to deport her based on the alleged marriage to her brother to facilitate his fraudulent immigration. She has taken advantage of all U.S. citizens, abused our system, and made a mockery of being in Congress. It definitely points to the stupidity of those in Minnesota who elected her. I hope that there are enough people with a brain in her district to vote her out in November.

  • She dares to talk such garbage after all Trump has done for the US economy. Trump has been making America great again, and there is more to come after he wins with another landslide in November 2020!!!

  • She should be dismantled right on out of Congress. Who voted for this womah?

  • It is time to dismantle both so-called political parties and form the American Party run by people who love this country. Duly elect real American lovers, 2 from each state, 4 yr. term limit and do what is right for ALL of it's inhabitants who are created equal. Strictly following the Constitution. Judicial system to strictly enforce the constitution. I am old but would be glad to serve a country I served and do it electronically! My heart aches watching America being destroyed. 

  • She needs to be sent home!

    • Preferrably in a box.


  • All muslimes must be purged from America!!! They have NO right to life in America!!

  • It's incredibly stupid and suicidal for our government to allow people like that into our country. They hate us and want to murder all of us. She and those like her cannot represent us because their ideology is totally antithetic to ours and they even say it! She should be deported.

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