• What speaks loudest... the fact that Ilhan is an Islamic radical who has turned against her adopted nation, or that the leadership in Congress finds it acceptable to permit her to be seated in the House of Representatives?  Why hasn't the House ... EXPELLED HER and her treasonous companions?   

    The problem isn't Ilhan and her warped view of America... she is just a symptom of a bigger problem with those who invited her to live in America and crowned her with citizenship... The problem is the fools born in this great nation who see her as a righteous voice in society and rewarded her with high public office... The problem rests in the corrupt spawn of the Devil made in America.

    • I do not for one minute believe she turned against her adapted country, but instead, her plans were to plant herself right where she could do the most damage. Purposeful sedition and treason. 

    • Correct, Jea9. The traitors in Congress should be prosecuted for bringing in entities like her against our laws barring them from coming here. They should be prosecuted for it and every one like her be deported back to their own sand dunes. They don't belong here.

  • Censor, ban, vote out this racist, incestious bitch from our government.  What a disgrace to humanity and civilized nations

  • We have to demand for our elected officials to stand against her, or we will vote them out. Our opinions, and complaints, will get nowhere until we stand up to our elected officials. Start with the local elected and move up the chain. If enough of us will do this, maybe they will listen and do something themselves.

  • This is insane!!! They need to make and amendment to the constitution that NO immigrant can be elected

  • Not on the floor? ARREST AND TRY HER FOR TREASON!!!!

  • Well I guess that she would have to be removed from Congress for not upholding her oath

  • A despicable disgrace indeed.  TREASONOUS for sure. She is just one who needs to be voted out of office and deported bk to somalia.   She is disgusting.  

  • I call for dismantling her system and putting her to work in a whorehouse for the taliban.

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