• Agree... 

      However, she is now a Naturalized Citizen... and it will take an action by the Secretary of State and DOJ to revoke her US Citizenship for cause... fraudulent representation on her application for entry to the US and US Citizen Ship should be initiated. 

      As long as the Democrat Party protects her... there will be nothing done by either the State Department or the DOJ.  The laws of the United States are regularly being ignored to permit operatives of the Marxist wing of the Democrat Party to act with impunity.

  • Put her back on the next plane to Sudan with a 1 way ticket


  • Hey Omar - to find the cause of the violence - just look in the mirror.  It is not the police - it is you and your supporters who are to blame!

  • Never in History has there been a reduction in Crime by blaming the "Victim!" 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Can't we qualify for a "boomerang" decision to send this lady back to Somalia or Kenya or ???  Didn't she "lie" about her name to get in; marry her "brother"?; incite violence against a sitting Senator Rand Paul?

    Is this how they deal with each other in East Africa?  Please Squad Member 1 or  2 or gone!

  • You see now WHY our Country is going downhill so fast. These people are just plain STUPID!!!!!

  • Send that America hating witch back to Hell...!

  • The police departments are indeed dysfunctional... they are not arresting you for your criminal conduct and fraudulent entry in the USA.  The Police are failing to protect retail businesses from looting, arson, and destruction by your constituents.  They are ignoring the rape of women by transient and destitute illegal aliens, regularly releasing them to re-offend... 

    While at it, the Fire Departments are also dysfunctional... as they stand by watching their cities burn, under orders to remain in place. 

    Any disfunction of government starts with YOU and your Marxist friends in government...  the cure for this disfunction is to arrest you and the others who operate as centers of insurrection and domestic terrorism.

  • What needs to happen is for the border state governors to detain and ship all the illegal aliens they can apprehend to the BLUE States like Ilhan's ... and too Washington, DC.  Washington should be reduced to a bivouac site for the destitute third world alien... camping, cooking, and defecating on the N. Lawn of the White House and steps of Congress.  That might get them to enforce our immigration laws. We don't need new laws... we need to enforce the existing law.

    Maybe Texas can coordinate with the Border Patrol to assist them in detaining and processing illegal aliens for shipment to Washington, DC... paid for with state funds and using state assets to ensure they arrive safely in Washington, DC and NY City, etc.

  • Too funny, Lynn!!

    I was drinking coffee -- now I'm wearing it.

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