It's about time We the People did something harsh! Here is my idea! What do you think? 








    Any questions?   ....didn't think so! 

    • My latest car window sign is   50 years of FUBAR JOE.

    • .....and how does that bring us closer to taking back the republic?

    • ADMIN

      Remember Lexington and Concord?  Somebody started cursing the British a long time before that...then came the shot. 

    • And how has playing nice changed anything? Republicans for years have caved bit by bit because they have refused to fight back using the  "that's not who we are" mantra. And yet here we are with a senile President with his finger on a nuclear trigger and dead Americans in a botched Afghanistan pullout. The borders are wide open. We are in debt up to our eyebrows with no end in sight. Republicans (one from my own state) voting for a boondoggle "infrastructure" bill that had little to do with infrastructure. We've got an unconstitutional, unconscionable jab mandate yet McConnell and McCarthy continue to stay silent and work behind conservatives' backs for the next election.   The time for playing nice is long over. Politics is a blood sport. If one is not willing to fight with everything they've  got to keep this country free, then they need to get the hell out of the way.

    • iLONA,

      Sometimes it is necessary to be 'harsh' to get the attention of a mostly sleeping population.

      You have to get their attention before they begin to hear the facts.

      Do you think a simple wave would get anyone to hear anything?    I know you know better.

  • "I did not do that to my mother!"

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Maybe not, but Hunter did it to his sister-in-law. ;-)

    • At least she was not an innocent child.

      But,he's as perved as his father.    Totally coked out, in a crowded nightclub, impregnating what would become the mother of his child,   which took him months to acknowledge and  a PATERNITY TEST.    God only knows what that kid's future will be.

    • In a way, the child is better off without Hunter.  But, then, the mother is struggling while the deadbeat dad makes millions on his crappy artwork and grampa is the POTUS.

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