• If even we criticize Trump, he may very well lose the election without voter fraud. I am not willing to go down that road, and I will not start criticizing the man. Sure, Trump couldn't get everyting done in the short 3 1/2 years he has been in office, but the USA of 2020 is clearly better off than the USA of 2016. Everyone can see that, which is why I am certain that he will win.

  • Hillary is one person that doesn't even need much more investigation.  She is a criminal, even we know that. So where's Durham?

    • There is so much evidence covering everything from running a private Email server to lying to Congress that it would take two semi-trucks to haul it to court... she should definitely be indicted within the next 24 hrs... which should tell us all that the system is TOTALLY BANKRUPT... period.

  • The libs have posted a petition to change the name of Francis Drake Highway in Marin County!

    don't these idiots have anything better to do?

  • When hunting it is preferred to have a wider field of vision than a narrow one. It takes skill and patience to acquire the objective. Thats what they are doing. I hope too that they "pull the trigger" without further delay, but only do that when they can view the entire target, not just part of it. 

    • The criminals in the Deep State are not hiding... they are openly violating the law with impunity... The DOJ and FBI may well be in collusion with most of them and as such are obstructing justice and operating as accessories to their crimes after the fact.  Our government has turned into a den of thieves an ongoing criminal enterprise.

    • My heaven's hasn't it been 2 years or something like that?  My guess is it is Obama and Co. that is somehow restricting them and any actions that may be appropriate, and I am sure there are many.  But when I heard Durham say that he doesn't want his report to be construde as "political" after the red flag raised I had to laugh.  What else would anyone call an attempted coup on a sitting president if not political???   He walked into, willingly, a policitical scenario so what is he actually saying???  It just is NOT reassuring to hear.


    • Durham has been investigating and reinvestigating, Ad Nauseam... for the past 15 months and has not managed to indict one member of the DC Swamp and attempted coupe... not one.  AG Barr is Durham's buddy... he is also worthless in the pursuit of high-level betrayal and criminal conduct.  Both need to be fired and investigated for OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE... 

      Pres. Trump is being lied to, mislead, and consistently ignored by the DOJ and FBI... I am embarrassed to state I thought our President was better than that.  The DEEP STATE has been leading him around like a Bull with a ring in his nose.  Fire them all MR. President and appoint your own prosecutors, AG, Director of the FBI, and don't worry about having them confirmed immediately... Political appointees can serve 150 days without confirmation before they must be withdrawn... and they can be immediately be resubmitted for another 150 days, and in that time they can indict truckloads of criminals in the Swamp including those in Congress who have been denying you the appointments needed to clean out the Swamp. 

    • I agree. It will require him to hire people that are outside the beltway and not beholden to corporate elites. A no name person that will be loyal and have no fear. He needs and Eliot Ness, a incorruptible crime fighter. I would be more then willing to do it with a team of untouchables.  

    • Good idea

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