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  • Democrats are of the Devil's.

  • Wow, who in their right mind would ever have a problem with someone wanting to adopt children of a different race. I guess that must have cut into the left's sex slave trade. Seems to me the Barretts were a GODsend for these 2 children. 

    How desparate and pathetic can the left get. How many of them visited epstein's places and had their way with children from all over the world? 

    God bless the Barretts. 

  • this is sick and outrages plain and simple. 

  • she's just jealous that mr drummond adopted arnold jackson over her

  • what makes this real wild is that she's ok with the left supporting margaret sanger [planned parenthood] - whose racism of blacks has led to the greatest persecution that blacks have ever experienced . there have been untold millions of black people killed  in abortions the last 40 plus years. 

  • What about Angela Jodie and Brite Pitt

  • Well, I mean it's obvious; isn't it -- ACB and her husband bought those kids so they could pimp them out ... ??

    Just ask any LeftActivist ... 

    The transnational Left, like all international criminal gangs, will say & do anything to get & keep power.

    The Left is the ultimate crime cartel.

    • Jim, you got that right.


  • The biological parents of these children were cut out of the picture because they caused some type of trauma in their children's lives. Sometimes the trauma is caused by the family's limited economic status and children don't get fed. Childhood trauma is different from the adult PTSD diagnosis. It's not just the child witnessing a shooting; it can be an emotionally detached mother who promises but never attends her child's school events.

  • Here it starts. I'm so sck of those demons I could spit blood.

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