I Told You So! Biden Killed The Wrong People!


On August 28th I posted this article and now the truth is exposed! 

Check this out! https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2021/09/10/nyt-biden-may-have-droned-innocent-family-in-kabul-possible-war-crime/



Pentagon says two ‘high-profile’ ISIS-K terrorists killed by US airstrike; another wounded. The Pentagon would not name the ISIS-K terrorists killed in the US strike ....(why?)


How do we know the correct people were killed?

Did the Pentagon do a phony strike so they could regain trust after their horrible record?

Do we have names and faces?

Where are the bodies?

Islam demands special burials; are they being done now?

Where are the 'crying widows of the assassinated ‘high-profile’ ISIS-K terrorists?

Where are the photos of the 'after strikes' and the mourning masses?

Why can we NOT see the strike zone on Google earth?

Why are the friends of the slain US forces not celebrating?

Where are the Clerics...and why are they not condemning the Drone strike as a "Strike against Islam"?

Where was the 'hide-out and bomb lab' of the ‘high-profile’ ISIS-K terrorists?

What was the nationality of the ‘high-profile’ ISIS-K terrorists?

How many ‘high-profile’ ISIS-K terrorists remain to kill?

Were the ‘high-profile’ ISIS-K terrorists male or female?

What was the age of the ‘high-profile’ ISIS-K terrorists? Children?

What country was the ‘high-profile’ ISIS-K terrorists from? Afghanistan? Syria? Jordan?

Were any of the ‘high-profile’ ISIS-K terrorists U.S. citizens?

Do we have the ‘high-profile’ ISIS-K terrorists photos?

Who took custody of the ‘high-profile’ ISIS-K terrorists remains?

Do we have a 3rd party verify the killing of the ‘high-profile’ ISIS-K terrorists?

Who is that 3rd party...if any?

How could the U.S. so quickly respond to the suicide-bombers identity/‘high-profile’ ISIS-K terrorists and then assassinate them?

Did the U.S. know beforehand who the ‘high-profile’ ISIS-K terrorists were? 

Just a few questions.....anyone have the answers?  

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