• Honorable... Deb Haaland? I Doubt she can spell the word... let alone know what it means.  The GOP confirmed her appointment. What does that say about the GOP?  They should have filibustered her appointment.

    Senator, it is time YOU and all of the GOP TOOK OFFENSE.. calling out such incompetence and the deliberate sabotaging of our economy.  Your question was not offensive and begs the issue of the motives behind this PHONY Marxist environmentalist. She knows US Production standards are many times better than the rest of the world's, and that importing crude from the 3rd world, instead of producing it in the US, is nowhere near as environmentally friendly. 

    Her motives are to destroy our economy... her energy policies are not based on science or environmental concerns.  She is offensive and should be impeached, not apologized to for being unqualified and a clear and present danger to our national secuirty

  • Totally unqualified for the position she holds.

    • You can thank Sen. McConnell for her confirmation process... the GOP should have filibustered her appointment.

  • A typical liberal Democrat and Biden flunky.  Dumb as a sack of hammers .....

  • This idiots can't even control their own lives 

  • Honorable?  Nothing honorable about any of those criminals.🤬

  • Yes, it's TRUE, our entire government is INFESTED with VERMIN roaches and NEEDS toal FUMIGATION in November, get er done folks!

  • Another unqualified useless Biden appointee exposed!

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