Finally, some good news! And some bad and really bad news :-( And there is  a poll.

Republican senator John Cornyn of Texas said he was 'done' as he walked out of Thursday's closed-door session of gun law negotiations after nearly two hours, saying he was flying home.

'This is the hardest part because at some point, you just got to make a decision. And when people don't want to make a decision, you can't accomplish the result. And that's kind of where we are right now,' Mr Cornyn said.

'I'm not frustrated, I'm done,' he added, though he said he was open to continued discussions.

Democratic and Republican senators were at odds over how to keep firearms from dangerous people as bargainers struggled to finalize details of a gun violence compromise in time for their self-imposed deadline to hold votes in Congress next week.

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  • Why are they having these talks......why are they always talking about bipartisanship.....we already have gun laws, it isn't the's society!

    bipartisanship achieves nothing for the right, but it always gets the left one step closer to what they want! They gain, we lose!

  • This is nothing but bluster and bleat posturing!!!!  ornyn is an establishment TRAITOR!!!!!!!!!!

  • No government will take the Second Amendment away from the people 

    • Lorenzo, I WILL NOT COMPLY with tyranny!!!!!!!!!!


  • Every member of Congress who believes it is constitutional to negotiate INFRINGEMENTS to our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms is in violation of their oath of office to PROTECT and DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION.  Red Flag laws are unconstitutional PERIOD... they infringe on an inalienable right... a right that is not subject to any change or modification.  These individuals would have us accept a TROJAN HORSE in the name of security... only to discover we get neither security or liberty.

  • The only way to eliminate the 2nd amendment is to overturn it constitutionally. But the libs will do everything in their arsenal to impose a little restriction here and a little there until it become less than a right for I suspect they could never get the 60% required to overturn the whole amendment.

    • It takes 3/4ths of the States to ratify any new Amendment or change to the US Constitution... with 2/3rds of the Congress approving the amendment it then goes to the States for ratification before it becomes part of the Constitution... this high bar to change the constitution,  which is not likely to happen and that is why the left and RINOs are working to undermine the Constitution with unlawful statutory law and a corrupt Judicial system.

    • Even if the  communist rinos and demogoons do away with the 2nd admendment, the next congress if legally elected can reinstate it.

  • Its going to be a non-stop grab-a-thon up to this point, 'We the people' can't own anything anymore. To make choices of own. Can't you see it.

    Stand up to this TARRANY!!  Get ready, It starts today!!!!

    Question: WHO DECIDES WHO IS DANGEROUS, CORRUPT biased judges???


    • Who decides... a bureaucrat initiates th action and ultimately a CORRUPT judiciary decides.. the judicial system is currently stacked against conservatives by a corrupt leftist judiciary.  We must not be required to defend our inalienable right to keep and bear firearms in court... no with the present judiciary.

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