But HoW Do YoU TALK WITHoUT a BRAIN? Lm a Democrat Bev W | Brain Meme on  ME.ME

President Donald Trump announced that he and First Lady Melania Trump tested positive for COVID-19 late Thursday, hours after he confirmed that White House adviser Hope Hicks tested positive for the virus earlier that day.




Despite receiving well wishes and safe recovery from some, other comedians, actors, political candidates, former political staffers, journalists, and other verified Twitter users celebrated and mocked Trump’s diagnosis.



Former MSNBC co-host of “The Cycle” publicly announced that he would not pray for Trump or the First Lady’s recovery. A former Hillary Clinton campaign spokesperson also expressed her desire that both Trump and Melania die.

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    • Edie, they can't get much more evil I don't think but watch them prove me wrong. It should be a hate crime but they will get a pass, as usual.   No one will be punished, or even criticized, because they are leftist pukes.


      Democrats are above the law, literally.


      Today is October 3rd & not 1 damm Democrat in the House or Senate have been held accountable for the most egregious political crime in American history, a coordinated attempted coup to overthrow President Trump by Democrat politicians, their evil godfather Soros, Dems in the FBI, DOJ & CIA & the Main Stream Media aka the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party.


    • AMERICA 1st, IT IS THE DEMOCRAT PARTY, THERE IS NOTHING democratIC about the devildemocommiecrat party.  They want to be communist/fascist/socialist dictators!!!!!

  • devildemocommiecrats are pure evil.  They, like all libtards, are so full of hate for anyone not agreeing with them.  I never hope anyone will die from this virus.  I am glad ginsberg is no longer on the supreme court because she hated everything America stood for and wanted to destroy the greatest nation in history but don't rejoice in her death, that would be evil.

  • When Trump will have recovered and will come back, I hope he'll kill off the deep state and all opposition at once so that he can assume total control over the entire country and make America great again. The leftist commies need to be removed from American soil.

  • Jeremiah 17:18

    Let them be confounded (utterly and with finality, completely—destroyed) all those who persecute America's duly anointed and appointed Donald J. Trump. But let him not be confounded. Let them be dismayed and let not him be dismayed (nor his family), Bring upon all of them who accuse and antagonize the righteous,  your double destruction, bring upon them the day of evil and destroy them with your double destruction. 

    Exodus 23:27

    Our God says, "I will send my terror before my righteous chosen ones,  and I will throw all those into confusion of the people who attack our anointed, appointed President Donald J. Trump, and of my chosen righteous ones— and I will make all his foes and their foes turn from him in flight. and turn from them in flight.

    Our God is a mighty God. He will save us. 



    • Let it be so!  HALLELUJAH!


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